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Rated: E · Short Story · Romance/Love · #2209409
An evening in the park, sitting on a bench is the most romantic thing of all.
"Yes?" Sally asked once she answered the phone. Who would call her so early in the morning and wake her up she didn't know. However, she's used to answering every phone call she receives.

"Come to the park this evening. I have something to tell you," a strange hissing voice replied before hanging up the phone leaving Sally distraught. What could it be and did it involve her son? She didn't know the answer to the mysterious call. Still curious, she decided to jot down the time and place on her pad and then stood up so she could prepare for the day.

Heading over to her bedroom window so she could peer out and see her backyard, a brilliant light shone for an instance and so she shut her eyes. Once she opened up her eyes again she saw an angelic figure standing on the grass. No shadow was cast and then he unfolded his golden wings and she gasped. A visit from an angel doesn't happen often and sometimes it could be a good thing. She served the Lord and feared God, but never had been visited by an angel before. Then the angel turned and looked directly at the bedroom window, revealing his face. Observing his face closely, Sally then wondered what he is trying to tell her, what kind of message would the Lord want. Just as the light appeared before the angel appeared, she closed her eyes again. Once she reopened them then she noticed nothing stood in her backyard. It appeared empty again.

A figure appeared out of nowhere in front of the bench where Sally sat. The golden feathers stretched up to the sky as if the figure was about to take off into the air before being folded back. A human-like face smiled at her before speaking up. Sally squealed from surprise at the sudden appearance of an angel. "Greetings! I'm Oakley. May I join you?"

"Why, of course. What could be better than having a company to sit and watch the sunset. What kind of message do you have for me?" Sally responded as she welcomed the angel to sit by her side.

Oakley went over to the bench and sat down, picking up Sally's hand and squeezing it as he did so. "Oh, the same. God is watching no matter what we do. But before I give you an important message, let's enjoy the sunset."

"I'd be delighted to. Let's kiss afterward, oh it will make my day."

They both sat in silence as the sun drew lower over the horizon. Suddenly a black figure flew down and stood on the sidewalk close to them, jealousy caught in his eyes. The wings were like a bat and his tail resembled a fork. She covered her mouth with her hands as soon as she recognized the devil. Parsley has been known to make trouble. Nothing good ever comes from him. Immediately Oakley stood up. "Halt! What are you doing here?"

"Ahh, I can freeze the sun in its place so it would never grow dark again. Here what I have to say," Parsley spoke up in a hissing voice. Sally didn't believe him.

"I will stick with Oakley. Thank you though. No, I don't want the sun to freeze," Sally scolded with her arms cross. Here the sun was setting and she didn't want anything to do with Parsley. The perfect moment with Oakley was being ruined.

"Ah, hear what I have to say. If you choose me then you can have all the fame and rich you would like. Just listen to what your heart says and go for fame and rich to satisfy it. You don't have to struggle or do anything," Parsley hissed and stepped closer, blocked by Oakley.

"In the Lord's name, get out now and don't come back here," Oakley stated and then waved a bottle of holy water in his right hand.

"I will have her soon in my grasp. Then you'll see what all I can do," Parsley countered before feeling a hand push him down to the ground.

"I don't think that will ever happen. She follows the Lord hardcore and can't be persuaded to do so otherwise. You and your kind will always be condemned and not welcomed. If you think rebelling against the Lord is okay then you will be in the furnace for eternity when judgment is decided," Oakley said before sending a huge dust devil to eliminate Parsley.

"Oh, thank you for rescuing me! Parsley is so naughty and I don't want anything to do with his promises. Your promises, coming from the Lord himself, is good enough for me. I live a rich life because of him," Sally exclaimed.

Returning to the bench, they watched as the sun disappeared behind the horizon. Then Oakley turned and landed a special kiss on her lips. The kiss then transferred all of the Lord's blessings, as he was sent to do, onto Sally and then stood up from the bench. "It is done. Now, I shall leave. Until we meet again. The Lord may want to meet you in a month for a special quest to go on. I have given you his blessings so that you can accomplish the quest. Farewell."

Sally watched as Oakley stepped away from the bench and then disappeared. She felt honored to be chosen to do a special quest and wondered what it could be. Looking up, she noticed the first stars has appeared in the sky as day became night and watched as the moon appeared. Whatever quest she's supposed to do can't be too hard she assured herself. Then she walked away from the bench to her car. Not only a sunset but an angel who kissed her on her lips. Her day couldn't go any better.

Once Sally arrived back home she noticed a piece of paper stuck in between the screen door and porch. Picking it up, she noticed the markings of a kiss on it and wondered what it could mean. The kiss mark reminded her of the kiss Oakley gave her in the park and wondered if God had plans for him to be with her as her guardian angel while she accepted the quest the Lord had in mind for her. Since her stomach rumbled then she carefully tucked away the note and stepped into her house so that she could grab a bite to eat.

Length: 1,078 words
Form: Romance between a paranormal creature and a human.
Contest: "Paranormal Romance Short Story Contest
© Copyright 2020 Angelica Weatherby goals on. (dragonfish at Writing.Com). All rights reserved.
Writing.Com, its affiliates and syndicates have been granted non-exclusive rights to display this work.
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