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Flash Fiction for 1-4-20


WC 249

Trees were down, roofs were in the street, people were wandering around in a daze.

George walked up to a man and asked, “What happened here?” The man walked away.

A woman walked beside George. George asked the woman, “What happened here?” The woman looked at George and walked the other way.

George walked away from the destruction and saw a man with a dog. The dog growled at him.
What happened here?” he asked the man.

“Nothing, why are you asking me? Leave me alone.” The man walked away with the growling dog.

George continued to walk away from the destruction. He saw a woman hanging clothes on a clothesline. A child played nearby. He walked into the yard and asked the woman, “What happened here?”

“Why are are you asking me that? Get away or I’ll shoot you!” She hurried into a house with the child.

George went back to walking away from the destruction. He saw a shop ahead that was open.

He went into the open shop. A man was behind the counter. The man was smiling.

“What happened here?” George asked the man.

“Nothing has happened here in some time,” said the man. “Why do you ask?”

“Just wanted to see how far the destruction went, that’s all.” George left the shop and continued walking down the road.

The man in the shop shouted out to George, “What happened here?”

George turned and shouted back, “Nothing happened here!” George continued walking down the road.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2209433