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Merry, suffers from a mix of reality and fantasy, and with Ronan, gets pursued by cops
This is a book excerpt from my newest work, HACKED.

Chapter Three

Merry and Ronan drove off and sped onto the highway. They were silent and tried in their thoughts to absorb the implications of their rekindled romance. Merry felt guardedly happy that she had a strong manly shoulder to lean on when she was quite tender from the hospital, and the sad treatment she was getting from her superior. Ronan was chewing his lower lip as he cruised the car through the seemingly standing traffic next to them.
“Damn!” Ronan exploded. A red sportscar cut in front of his car. Ronan made an expert evasive movement of his car and then left the sportscar breathing Ronan’s car’s fumes. “That’s a sick idiot,” Ronan declared.
Merry roused from her reverie looked back as much as was able. There was a smell of acrid smoke that came to her senses. Behind them the red motorcar was on fire.
“Oh, that looks quite ghastly,” Merry said and then turned to look forward and settled back in the car seat. She watched Ronan as he kept speeding ahead, his eyes looking darkly at the road ahead. “I’d like to ask,” she ventured timidly, “Should I put on my seatbelt?”
Ronan laughed and then spoked, “Sure, Merry girl, I’m sure you can, but I can take care of us in my car.”
She looked about for the seat belt. Then she decided not to bother.

The voices in Ronan’s thoughts were a-clamor with fear, hate and sadness:

“God, how I hate that asshole and his bitch!’
“I’m on fire, damn!”
“Oh forget you now! I’m in his rear windshield. I’m trying to get inside!”
“Can you do that?”
“Easy peasy, Glendish girl.”
“Oh, heck I can’t get in! What the hell?”

Ronan didn’t say anything. The car cruised through the highway and there wasn’t a police car in sight or in hindsight. When a voice in his thoughts spoke:

“Get that cop over where he’s heading! Dammit!”
“Oh my God. Where the hell is he anyway?”
“I”m not sure. Let me get into that bitch’s stuff.”
“Oh, damn. I hate this she’s lighting up.”
“Ok damn just git that moron on the highway to heel, I want that man arrested.”
“He’s now on Merritt Parkway, people. I think it’s gonna be easy now. These cops are on the prowl. They can see. Someone’s taken a look at his license and shit.”
“Oh good. Go on. Find that moron. Tell that bitch she’s mine. I’m gonna be a happy man forever!”

Ronan heard that and he said, “Fuck! That’s about all I need!”
Merry looked up at him. “What happened?”
“Merry, hang on for your life. I”m going to New York city now.”

She held on to her seat and started saying prayers in her mind.

“Oh, don’t even try to pray Merry.” He laughed darkly.

“Ronan, I’d like for you to take me home. I need to go home now.”
“Sorry, kid, I’m going to take you away from that asshole place called New Canaan.”
“I am not sure I want to leave - there’s a job waiting for me there and these people are going to be firing me if I don’t get back to work, please, Ronan!” But she realized he was serious. “Oh, my God, Ronan, what have you got planned for me?”
“Plenty, Merry,” he reached over and grasped her left hand. “Just relax.”

Soon he heard the sirens go behind them. He didn’t have to look at his rear view mirror and he gunned the engine. Merry started to pray aloud: “Oh, My Father in Heaven, help!”

A voice came to both of their minds: “Don’t you worry, little Ones, I’m getting those bastard cops right now!”

The cop cars began to cough and then they stopped on the spot where they were. The first cop car driver came out and saw that smoke was coming out of his hood. He lifted the hood. He shook his head. The other officer in the other car just sat there looking stunned. Traffic starting piling behind them. Soon the whole of Merritt Parkway was jammed on one side.

Chapter Four

"They sat in relative quietude in a small out of the way bar. The night was starting and Merry felt a shiver in her body. He came to their table and served her a stiff drink. She thanked him and leaned back, the firm cushion of the seat back in their booth gave her some support.
“How are you doing?” asked Ronan with a smile hovering over his lips.
“I’m fine. But,” Merry sighed. “You’re taking me away from my home, my job. What are you doing to me?”
“It’ll be fine. You’ll return after a while, if you want to. But I need some background. What happened to you - how did you get into the hospital?”
“I was stressed out. That’s their final diagnosis.” Merry replied woodenly. She stared at her drink.
“Oh really?”
“Yes. I was first told I was shy. I thought that was a stupid diagnosis. I think the doctor was being a comedian.”
“It sounds like he was. Nobody goes to the hospital and gets told that.”
“He said it in front o fall the patients.”
“Oh, so it was a big grandstanding thing.”
“I guess.”
“When did you get told you had too much stress?”
“Sometime later before I got discharged.”
He was quiet for a moment. “I heard some women talk about you a few days ago.”
She stiffened. “Oh?” Merry looked at his face. “Who were they?”
“Some women at the restaurant that I worked in.”
“So you work in a restaurant now?”
“Yeah. I left my job.”
“But you loved your job.”
“It’s not a great job.”
She fell silent too.
“What about telling me more about how you got into the hospital.”
“I felt like I wasn’t happy. I felt like,” she tried to find the right words. “I was having some sort of an afffair with a guy - at work.”
“Oh Merry!” He sat back and stared up at the ceiling. “While you dated me?”
“Well, yes.”
“Oh hell.”
“I”m sorry Ronan. It happened - almost sneaked up on me.”
“Did you fuck him a lot or what?” His words were almost spat out. His face was dark with anger.
Merry squirmed. “Well, not exactly.”
“Oh, my god, what do you mean not exactly? Was it like a crush or what?” Ronan started to get even madder. “Merry you’re going to be killing me someday with your silly - what do you mean an affair? Was he real or what?”
“He was. He worked in the office. He was a visitor - well, he stayed a while. He’s not there anymore. He got married to somebody else.” This was all said in a soft voice, rushed, and she stared at Ronan with eyes that were scared. “I’m very sorry Ronan.”
“Is this guy - well, what do you mean not exactly? Was it a few moments stolen somewhere in the office out of sight?”
Merry started to feel more unhappy and her insides felt awful. This man was her forever love and she confessed she was in love with someone else at some time in the past. “Look, we were having our problems, Ronan.”
“Ok so it was while we weren’t seeing each other.”
“It was around that time we decided not to date each other, yes.”
“Oh, so you and I were still having our relationship and then you were - damn, you were two timing me, is that what you’re saying?” His voice rose with each word. He made a fist with his hand. “Oh, Merry I’m not happy with you. I have this idea to leave you here stranded!”
“No, no don’t leave me here. I’m glad you took me away. This guy - the one at work - he wasn’t really able to have an affair. He was already married to somebody else I mean he was engaged but before that he was married and he was getting rid of someone else.”
Ronan looked up and then sighed. “Oh my god.”
“I’m sorry I sound like a flake, don’t I?”
“Yes you do.”
“So - he was kind of someone who grew on me. I had a few conversations with him. But he never really touched me. I merely got into a dream world with him. That’s how it started. And ti seemed so real.”
“So it was like a fantasy?” Ronan suonded releived.
“Are you lying to me, Merry?”
They stared at each other intently.
“Ok. Then what happened? Did you fall for him. And did you talk about it with each other, face to face?”
“No we never talked about our ‘affair’ if you can call it that.”
“So words weren’t exchanged.”
“So why did you get carted off to the hospital then?” He sounded exasperated.
“I can’t say why, I mean, all of a sudden these people came to my apartment - and the pyschiatrist that worked in the office was there. He told me that the people in the office were all conerned about my welfare because I didn’t go to work for five days straight.”
“So they took me in a stretcher and put me in an emergency vehicle and I ended up in the hospital, that’s all.”
“That is what happened then?”
“And why did you never tell anyone you were in the hospital?”
“I - I caleled this guy. But he sounded like he was jsut being polite, and it made me even more unhappy.”
“Oh I see.”
“I am glad to be out of the hospital, Ronan. Please let me get back to my home and try to get back into my work.”
Ronan took a long draught of his beer. “I’m not going to let you back yet. I need some explaining from you. I want you to be happy and out of this sick place you call your home and that atmosphere.”
“What atmosphere?”
“YOu forgot we got chased by the cops?”
“I know we did but,” Merry tried to think but her mind seemed to be in a prison. “I’m sorry, but I’m blanking. I need to rest, Ronan. Where can we get some sleep somewhere here?”
He sighed and tried to quell the growing din in his mind. The people who were thinking about making them die seemed to be at a distance but the aura of them started to get on his nerves. “We need to leave now.” Ronan got up and took her hand. She tried to keep up with him and then finally matched his steps as they went out the back and into the car he drove.
“I want you to be quiet ok?” He said to her almost wordlessly.
She nodded and then they drove out of the restaurant parking lot, into the growing gloom of the night."
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