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In the face of tragedy, love can be found.
Jack wrapped his arms around his girlfriend Jill as they stared up at the sky. Scientists have been warning them that the sun will grow dark and the planet will freeze at any moment. The sun threatened to flame out. "What are you waiting for?"

Jill cuddled up close to him and then looked into his hazel eyes. "I would like to see you be so quick and jump over a candle stick one last time before we go up the hill to fetch a pail of water."

"My lady, that's a great idea. That candlestick will be perfect to jump over. Then we can go up the hill and fetch that pail of water."

"How wonderful and so romantic you are. I knew I could count on you."

Ever so nimble, and so quick, Jack pulled out the candlestick and set it so he could jump over it, lighting the top. Then he dashed back and rubbed his fingers together. Just this one time, he had to make it count. Dashing off with such speed he prepared to jump. Leaping high over the sky he ended up touching the flame with his big toe. Landing on the ground with a yelp as his girlfriend cheered him on with such glee he turned to change his mind over to the pail of water to bring home. "Alas, I think I burnt my big toe. What to do? Glob will scream. Now, off we go before the sun disappears on us."

"What a better way to mourn over the sun, as Glob would say."

High in the sky the sun loomed as they headed up the hill. Once they reached the top Jack and Jill collapsed on the ground to catch their breath. The limp didn't go away ever since he burned his big toe. After minutes passed by Jack stood up and fetched the pail of water. Handing it over to Jill, he stepped down the hill, only to fall over. Shocked from the sight, Jill came tumbling after.

"Oh, no! The pail is empty! And you're hurt! Let's head back home. Maybe Glob will help us out."

"Just help me up and I can trod home. Funny how we live in the same house together. The water doesn't matter to me anymore. Oh, my crown! It's broken!"

Jill picked up the broken pieces of Jack's crown before helping him up to his feet. Slowly they walked through the hills back to their home. Jack trodded all the way. Once at home they searched for Glob in hopes Jack's crown can be fixed.

Sitting on a chair in the backyard appeared Glob. Jack limped over and then swallowed deeply. What will he tell Glob about what happened? Then he decided to tell what really happened.

"Give me some clay and burn me some wood. Your crown will be fixed in a jiffy."

Limping over to the forest filled with dried branches, Jack bent over to collect scattered wood. Jill went to the shed to search above the hay for pieces of clay for Jack's crown to be fixed.

With a smothering of clay and throwing Jack's crown into the fire Glob pulled out a brand new crown. Taking the crown and putting it onto his head Jack squealed with delight.

"Thank you for your help, the crown is great! Now I can kiss my girlfriend under the dying sun."

Jack and Jill ran outside just as the sun gave a big flare. Holding each other in their arms they each gave each other a touch on the lips. The disappeared with a bang freezing the two in one place. A song filled the air reminding them of hope that a new sun could be cast to bring light and warmth back in its place.

Sweating hard, with a yell, Jack woke up from his slumber. Every detail so fine and vivid lingered in his head as if it just happened. Light poured in through his bedroom window and then his alarmed screamed it's time to wake up.

"What just happened? I never burnt my toe, except for the time I jumped over a candlestick," Jack mumbled.

Opening the door to see if Jack woke up Jill put her hand over her mouth. "What happened in your dream, or was it a nightmare? It better not be about the time when we went up the hill to fetch a pail of water."

"Worse than that, the sun is about to explode and we gross in time with our lips together. Yes I jumped over a candlestick and burned my big toe. We went up the hill to fetch a pail of water too."

Length: 781 words
Form: Romance in the time of tragedy!
Contest: "Write From the Heart - Story Contest Okay didn't look at the date until too late...
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