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Prose about how songs become songs again.
there will come a day when there will be songs and there will be love and fullness and everything within you will be whole and then there will be the day where there is the sun and the moon and all of it means something - it is someone - it holds meaning, hands, and hearts

but then will come the day where the songs turn to sorrows and the love becomes pain and there will be hurt and heartbreak and the hands will break apart and the hearts will be too broken to be alive and the songs are no longer songs they are words and verses of everything wrong and the sun and the moon are nobodies and they don't know you anymore

then there will come a day when the songs will just be songs again and the pain will be a memory and the love will be found and the love will be right there just there it will be waiting for you and you will be ready for it and the hands in front of you are soft and new and they are still cold just waiting for your warmth the sun and the moon finally smile upon you and give you their blessing to use them again - to become people again; to be loved again.

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