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Story for RR!Tale. Further Info: https://undertale-au.fandom.com/wiki/Rectus_Resilience

Throughout all my years of living on the surface, I never thought that I would live to see the day of monsters and humans coexisting on the surface again. I had heard many legends of the Delta War, the tale of the Delta Rune, and the predictions about the future between the nations at enmity: monsters and humans.

While I was but a boy, I grew up among the high-class individuals that thrived in the Aether District. My life was fairly simple, and my parents could almost guarantee that in my future, I wouldn't even have to taste sadness or poverty, and that I wouldn't really have to work a day in my life. However, after studying within schools, I decided my alignment of work.

I wanted to be...a lawyer.

Sure, the pay was alluring, and the fame was eye-catching, but the idea of studying law and working within government perimeters was fascinating to me. As a child, I loved to argue, so I felt that the job was made perfectly for me. I worked hard, studied intensely, and then I finally graduated with my high-end degree in the paralegal field. My luxury life within the Aether district was far from being ripped away now.

Within my first few years of being a paralegal, I had a fire underneath my feet that would push me to keep going further in life. However, as I advanced in years within the same field, and as I came to see my supervisor as a total burden, my attitude...started to drift.

For starters, I was subjected to do the work of the lawyer who was supposed to be training me. Instead, he was out taking breaks, flirting with the women in the conference room, and just waltzing around the hallways while I was filling out all of his paperwork - even handling some of his cases! I've reported him before, but it quickly backfired on me because he and the boss were the best of companions, and to them, I was just a new hire.

Now here I am, sitting within my cluttered office of files and paperwork of another man's. At first glance, the sound of a phone call was like a song of birds. Yet now, the clanging sound of the phone was far from pleasing - and in the least, exhausting. The phone rang, and I picked it up in monotone, a subtle sigh-yawn in the back of my throat as I spoke to my client.

                   "Yes, sir. I understand. Oh really? Well, perhaps we can...- Yes, I understand. As I was saying, perhaps we can schedule a meeting... Okay. That sounds good. Alright, take care." I hung up the phone, and flopped back into my chair lazily.

Then, alas. A knock on my door. Just what I needed today. Upon my calling, my assistance barged through my door, a look of "SLEEP PLEASE" in her eyes. She plopped down another case file onto my desk.

                   "Person is suing a car insurance company. Have fun with that" she said, then left.

I lifted my aching body and pulled it towards the desk, my mind drastically dragging my limbs to open the file.
         I need a break...I need a break...

I opened the file, read the ridiculous details, and held my head in frustration.
         If the insurance company says: No Refunds, then why would you sue them because they didn't give you a refund. The minds of these people!

This amount of frustration was enough to make me look up at my clock to check the time.
                   "11:48. Sheesh, time seems slow."

I wandered around my office in procrastination. There was no way I was willing to look around in the law to find justification for this case. Minutes went by, then hours, then days.

                   "11:49... Sigh..."

Then months went by. Then decades. Centuries!

                   "11:50... Ten more minutes..."

Light years. Time seemed to have fallen apart!

                   "Fifty-twooooo... 11:52... Ow...I got a paper cut..."

The sun exploded. The world lights went out. Humanity became...aliens?

                   "11:56... Come ooonnnnnn..."

Then finally, the world clock struck twelve and my "Lunch Time, SUCKERS" timer went off. I grabbed my wallet and rushed out of my door, leaving my fiasco of an office behind to hit up a diner and grab a sandwich and a few drinks. Leaping out of my office building, I ran to my car, danced my way in, then drove off from the looks of that lonesome office building.

Walking into the classical diner, I waved to a group of fellow law-friends in the distance, and planted myself in a seat at their table.

                   "So, whats the legal sauce for today...?" I asked, taking out my wallet so that the waitress could see my ID.

                   "I hear that the governor will be dining today." my good friend, Leonard, said.

                   "Is that so!"

                   "Yes. He and his wife. You know, Haiti Lawrence."

                   "The beautiful broad...-"

                   "Don't say such things at the table! Look, here comes his secretary... She's a new hire. I hear that she doesn't even know how to operate the printer..."

                   "I guess the job isn't for everyone. Although, I will say this... She has a nice figure."

                   "She's already married, bucko. Her and a mechanic hit it off in 1966. They've been inseparable since then."

                   "Such a shame."

The secretary made her way towards our table, and took a seat silently.

                   "Hello, I'm Rectus. Rectus Sauls." I greeted.

                   "Taija Lennen. You must be the lawyer with the outstanding credentials?"

                   "Indeed I am! However, humility is my greatest virtue." I said, completely forgetting to mention that I wasn't indeed a lawyer, but rather a paralegal who was doing another man's job.

                   "You don't say..." she said in a tone of discomfort. I quickly put a cork to my mouth, and gave a shy look to my snickering friend.

                   "I'm Leonard Young. Last name is very contradictory though."

                   "He's in his 50's and has lived a fairly long life. Tell her, Leonard!" I said, trying to embarrass him a bit.

                   "Weeelllll, I was around for the war. The Delta War. It was..." He paused, and looked down at his shaking hands before continuing. "Unbearable..."

Taija and I looked to him in sympathy, however, I felt her give me a sharp glance of disapproval, which marked my spirits. She turned to the door, and at seeing a familiar figure and their wife, she got up promptly and ran over to greet them. I wanted to depart with her, but I continued looking at my mentally-wandered friend before slowly getting up.

                   "Um, the governor is...here."

                   "Why would you say that..."

                   "Say what...? The governor is here?"

                   "No. Telling me to tell her about my life..."

                   "I mean...I was only trying to give you a little time to talk about yourself..."

He stood up abruptly
                   "I understand you're single and all, but you don't have to embarrass me just to give yourself the fresh smell."

                   "Embarrass you?! What do you mea--"

                   "They're coming. Act a little mature."

The governor and his wife graced his presence at our table, and the secretary took a seat.

                   "Good afternoon, gentlemen. I'm Jean Lawrence, and this is my beautiful Haiti Lawrence. I see you all have met my secretary?"

                   "Yes, we have." Leonard said, shooting me an eye.

                   "Yeah...we have-- Um, I'm Rectus Sauls. This fine gentleman here is Leonard Young..."

                   "Pleasure to meet you both." the governor said as his wife gave a dainty wave.
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