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The thoughts she has about which she committed which leads the way to her condemnation.
"My ways are impeccable! How dare you condemn me without proof of my doing such a thing!" Lacie spoke up as a rope dangled above her and a preacher standing below her with the executioner pushing her up toward the rope hanging above her.

She thought about the day when a visitor of her friend took her out to the woods alone. Sticks and skulls filled his backpack as well as carrying a small bag of stones. Kunu was his name and she knew his work too. Cooking and cleaning for her friend Lue. "What is this you have brought today? Don't you follow the rules of the Purist?"

"One day, you asked my friend, what do witches do to cast a spell? I have learned of the answer and want to show you what to watch for. This is a lesson, my friend, not to mess around with. Consequences to fear if we get caught."

One by one the sticks were laid going around in a circle. Then Kunu focused on placing stones in between sticks standing them up so that he would have a place for the skulls. Deep down inside, revealed as the skulls came out of the bag, were black and brown feathers of various sizes. Picking up the feathers she watched as the breeze blew them out of her hand aweing at the wonder how something so beautiful could be used for something so tragic.

Kunu handed her a spellbook of witchcraft and then tipped his head in sorrow to observe what is the matter. "Find a spell and think of your worse enemy to cast onto. I better walk around and survey the area so prying eyes could be found. Go ahead and enchant the spell I will be back for you soon. Then I'll teach you a lesson about why such things are frowned upon."

Lacie gave a nod of her head, then watched him leave the area. Feeling all alone didn't help her matter. Set on seeking revenge from being bullied in school, she opened the spellbook to find the right spell. Twitching and sneezing from the dust that scattered, she landed on a page that fit her taste for revenge. Going through the setting to be sure everything is in place, she found the spell to enchant and then laid on her knees.

With the last of the dust blown, she began to read out loud the spell to cast without a doubt. A rustle among the bushes caused her to pause before she returned to enchanting the spell.

Yells of rage could be heard in a distance as she finished enchanting the spell. With the sun high in the sky and not wanting to stir any trouble, Lacie ran back down the path to speak of good news to Kunu. A hand appeared out of nowhere to her surprise. Turning her head, her jaw dropped down to the ground. The spell had worked on the person she targeted, he couldn't stop smirking. Horns grew on top of his head as if he was a devil and then she couldn't contain herself, bursting in laughter.

"You! You'll pay for this. The whole town shall hear about how you're a witch!"

Struggling to free herself, she called out for Kunu. A gathering of angry town folks came yelling to hang her.

"You're time has come, witch. My deputy and I have seen for ourselves how you practiced witchcraft. He already showed us the proof we need to rightfully condemn you. Take your spot as our executioner tells you to. No more breath of life to be felt from you. Witches are to be condemned, in an eternity in the fire. You are no exception to the rule, evil deeds have been revealed in the light. Now to pay the price!" Sheriff Bone exclaimed.

Zuni suddenly appeared then, hands holding him down. Gasping, Lacie watched as they put him at the other tree. Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide, now she won't find out the lesson he wanted to teach to her. Then he looked up and frowned before speaking in a shaky voice. "Now you see the results of taking such drastic matter to pull out your revenge."

Length: 706 words
Form: Describe the picture prompt. Hung for witchcraft.
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