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We are glad to announce recruitment on Planet earth, please read this info item.
This is the United federations of Outerspace.
We are aliens and we control most of your universe, with minor exceptions. This info item is written for your information so you’ll be able to learn about what exactly will be awaiting you when you sign up as a recruit.
Now starting out, a couple of simple rules when being recruited.

1. Respect fellow recruits, don’t kill anyone.
2. Your livelihood is in your hands, the UFO is not responsible for any sickness or injury you may receive. (However Medical stations will be supplied for your aid)
3. Be wary of listed enemies, you’ll find the list on a poster near the entrance to the UFO recruitment office.

When you are promoted Agent, Missions will be assigned to you, each mission may be hard or easy for your skill level but never out right deadly.
Other things such as a squad team or specialization are completely optional, and the only thing most guaranteed is combat.
Now... you’ll find a UFO recruitment office somewhere on the edge of a high density city near you. Usually having a large holographic sign floating above it. (Possibly with small scale Auto weapons for self defense)
There you’ll go to one of the office workers behind the registration desk and ask to be registered as a recruit. After being registered as a recruit, you may have to wait a small while before a transportation ship is prepared for flight. (Usually ranges from 6 hours to 2 days)
And after that, the rest of the information will be delivered to you.
(Disclaimer this is entirely Fiction, do not waste your time looking for a building that doesn’t exist)
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