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She wondered if she really had it in her to let go...
Chapter One: Leap of Faith

The chill in the air made her shiver, as she cradled the cup of coffee closer to her. Her deep auburn hair cradled her soft face in a tangled mess, and her deep blue eyes scanned the horizon as the jagged snow- capped mountains stood in front of her. She stood five feet seven, with auburn hair, and piercing blue eyes that could astonish anyone who held her gaze. She sighed as she wrapped the blanket around her and took a sip of coffee and took one last look at the peaceful scene and set her eyes on the big day that lay in front of her.

He works from sun up to sun down doing construction work, laying block work foundations for fire pits, and moving cinder block for interior housing structures. His drive is simple. His love for her is always present no matter how tired or sore he is. The smile on her face when he tells her not to worry, or surprising her with the little things, his strength comes from her. Stretching in a half daze to notice that her soft breathing was not there, his heart quickened at the thought as he pulled on his dark blue sweats and a faded light orange college shirt. He panicked but soon calmed at the aroma of coffee coming from downstairs. He felt foolish and smiled shaking his head as he padded down the hallway. The kitchen was like most found in a two-story house, a high ceiling hung over the sink and island, the second story loft overlooking the kitchen from above, the walls were white as pure snow with white tile and pine floors. Reaching up into the cherry colored cabinets he grabbed a cup, feeling the cold pine floors under his bare feet, he poured his coffee noticing she had already made hers. He walked back up to the master bedroom which had been constructed with high wooden ceilings that resembled old fashioned log cabins of dark mahogany, a complex of multi-brick layers in different colors for a high ceiling fireplace, and large front windows on each side for more lighting. He walked to the dark oak dresser to get a pair of socks and a heavier jacket. He slid the sliding glass door open and sighed as he took in the sight of her standing at the end of the long wrap around balcony. He could see her slender athletic frame outlined underneath the thick baby blue robe she had worn wrapped up as in a blanket. The glimpse of her tangled auburn hair stopped at the hood and to his surprise was not up over her head to reduce the chill in the air. Her legs were partially covered by her pink polka dotted pajamas she had put on as she stood there moving her left bare manicured foot to only a song she could hear. He tried to move silently but she must have heard him because she shifted as he slid behind her. She had been relaxed enough to allow his arms to slide around her, as she smiled never meeting his eyes, but still looking at the mountain view that now had the sun over the hilltops casting light that danced across the scattered trees. She leaned her head back against his chest and he welcomed the touch, he sighed and leaned his head down resting on her shoulder and brushed his lips against her cheek. Her eyes had suddenly locked on his, fear left her and blew in the wind. She smiled knowing that this could work for them. His calloused rough hand caught hers. He held her hand softly and felt her fingertips slip through as she walked past him to the sliding glass door. She left him to his thoughts.

Meeting in the middle of nowhere had been the plan, both having come from different backgrounds, she being a city girl most of her life, and he being a country boy raised in an urban setting he has made quick adjustments to the new house and surroundings. He couldn't have found a more perfect house with colors to match the beauty by his side, from the dark cabinets that matched her hair to the light colors of her skin, he knew that it was meant to be. Even in the morning sun the sky had produced the perfect match to her eyes. She had taken a liking to the new surroundings, but was still skeptical of his intentions. This was the furthest away she had ever been from home; away from family and friends. Driving to meet someone to start a life with them was insane, but she trusted him for some reason, even if it were only trusting she wouldn't be hurt again like she had many times in the past. She took the chance, hoping it would be for real, she put her all into this and tried.

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