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Life can be so complicated. So much seems broken. But the answer is simple. Fix 'self'.
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" Life is really simple
but we insist
on making it complicated "

~ confucius ~


Our lives today are rarely simple. You are the only one that can determine if you live a life of simplicity or one of complexity. We all say that we want the 'simple' life, and then we complicate it to the point that life sometimes loses all of its joy and wonder. And at times we often bring it on ourselves. At least I know I do. Usually, it is all about priorities. But priorities demand and deserve discipline. Without it, the priorities invariably change and it is this constant change that brings turmoil and frustrations. The key is to analyze and determine what it is that you really want, you really need, and are willing to work towards. But this is never easy. Otherwise, we would all be in nirvana and at peace with ourselves and the rest of the world. Life would be good, and we could all die happy. Fat chance of that ever happening. And I am not really looking forward to that death crap either. Try shooting somewhere between where you are now and that Shangri-La of perfection.

Most people don't seem to get anywhere near that place of contentment. I don't believe that many even try, or at least they do not try hard enough. And if they do they are only relatively successful. The reason for this sporadic success is that most individuals do not have the ability, and the tools, with which to make their hopes and dreams a reality. It takes hard work and a plan. Maybe hard work is a misnomer. It is not physical work, although that is requisite to pay your bills while going after your goals. It is more a mental effort required for success here. And not to be a broken record, although this is something that cannot be said too often, but what everyone needs, but does not have, is a solid, thoughtful, developed philosophy that complements the struggle towards one's goals. The bigger question, at least to me, is why that reality exists. Why don't more people have that imperative inner strength that comes only with philosophy? I find that in most cases it is not really their fault. It is difficult to self-teach philosophy. And our system of education does not teach it. And a new question begs to be asked. Why in the world not? Reading is important to learn from others. Writing is instrumental in recording knowledge for reference and to spread that knowledge to others. And 'rithmatic, contrary to children’s, and unfortunately some adults as well, complaints to the fact that it is unusable and unnecessary in our lives, it is actually quite the reverse. There is little in our daily lives that is not directly involved and dependant on the math involved in their design, development, and use. Numbers truly make the world go round. All of these subjects are important, and their knowledge is required to create a fully developed education but they all pale in comparison to the importance of the binding force of all knowledge and life that brings structure and meaning to every aspect of our existence, and that force is philosophy.

We do not teach philosophy in our schools. We do not mention the word in our daily conversations. The subject is never broached by our teachers. They should be demanding to have it as part of the curriculum. Shame on you! The question is never asked by our media. They should be making it a topic of discussion throughout our boardrooms, our living rooms, our kitchens, and our bedrooms. Shame on you! The ‘Fourth‘ estate? How about the ‘Last‘ estate! And our politicians. They tremble in fear at the thought of real philosophy. The fear of a capable, competent and confident populace. They do not fear an educated population, since education can, and is, manipulated all the time. History can be re-written, and they do so repeatedly, to all of our detriment, and knowledge can be distorted, quite easily from what I can see. But they fear the person who can think and reason. For themselves. Without direction. The person that questions and does not accept rhetoric as fact. They fear the self-aware that can explore and define issues and develop resolution and demand the application of answers. That cannot be swayed by emotionalism. Or hatred. They fear people of the mind.

So think, and reflect. Look into self. Learn who you are. Become your own best friend and ally. Make decisions that are good for you. Choose carefully. Discriminate.
Your mind is your tool, and it is unsurpassed in its strength and scope. Your soul is your light, and will unerringly show you the way. Philosophy is the path that we all need to follow. Take a step. Embrace the power within yourself. And, as always, try and Keep Life Simple.

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