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The First Chapter and follow up from the Prelude
Chapter One

"Stop acting so childish, boy! You understand that this is your career and future on the line here!"

"Hey, he started it. I can see why so many people think that he's an unsuitable governor..."

"Don't say such a thing about your higher authority!"

"Mother, listen. This isn't about me not supporting his cause, this is about me wanting what's best for my employment."

"You selfish ass*..."


"Yes, I call you a mule! So stubborn, and you hardly can financially stand on your own two feet! And you dare refer to your boss in such disrespect!"

"He is racist, mother. Those monsters never did a thing to us. We attacked first!"

Mother angrily walked over to the kitchenette to chop up some vegetables.

"You listen to that old rag across the street too much. She's putting all of this stuff in your head, and now you're believing it!"

"But the legend of the Delta Rune says--"

"DELTA RUNE. Delta waves: brain waves that are emitted in the deepest of sleep. Put a rest on it, sport! None of that darn tale is real. Mrs. Lennen is already crazy enough as is. Crazy enough to believe that pursuing agriculture is what's going to make her money. And you listen to her? You believe everything she says?"

I sighed.

"No, mother. But I don't believe that the way we treat those creatures is right..."

"And they're the victims?! Have you forgotten that part of the tale...about the radicals who came in and devastated cities to the point where we had to rebuild from ground up to secure economic stability?"

"That was because the monster civilians were angry at the fact that they were being relocated against their own will. It was a protest!"

"And they had to destroy a whole darn city just to protest!? Savages..."

"What was that?!"

"SAVAGES. They're all savages! And they deserved what they got! Hopefully this governor keeps those barbarians down that mountain. It's where they belong, and we have prospered since their relocation."

I stood there silently, pondering on whether or not I should ask the question. However, a force overcame my mind, and it forced the words out without thought.

"Are you...racist, mother?"

She didn't respond. She just kept chopping. I pried further, trying to see how far I could get before that kitchen knife flung for my head.

"Mother. Are you racist?"

"Sport. I only look out for number one. And if it means that those creatures have to be relocated to ensure that my family will thrive, then so be it."

"But what about their prosperity, mother. What do they get from being forced out of their homes..."

"Don't you have somewhere to be? After going cutthroat with your boss."


"Skidaddle, son. You're going to be late. And tell Jubadee that she had better lay her hands off of those tales. They're making you mentally ill."

After the meeting, I was told to return to my office. I was allowed to keep my job, thankfully, but I was also on the chopping block if I dared to speak out against the governor again. I was a bit sour the entire day, angry at the words from both this morning, this afternoon, and the possibility of hearing more this evening. Thanks to my little episode with the boss, I was expelled from the building for a cool off, then I had to wait anxiously with my mother and hear her babble about the issue the entire time, and I was tortured at the possibility of losing my job. The day didn't have the right energy anymore, which is when I retreated to my rush of thoughts about how to make it better.

I grabbed my coat and gloves and exited out into the frosty winter to go for a drive. I was working overtime, but the boss didn't say that I couldn't have a break. I drove into that same old diner, a diner of memories. Then there was that table. The table in which I, my good friend Leonard, and the governor, his wife, and his hot secretary dined together and talked. The diner was under new management now, so I didn't come to eat as often as I had used to, but I went towards the table and sat in that same chair. Instantly, the memories of our favorable discussion filled my mind - a fiery paralegal that was bored to death in the office, and his olden friend who had been through so much. The monster-friendly governor and his lively wife, both who talked of reform, and paved steps towards ensuring that monsters would make a return, and be accepted within human standpoint. And that beautiful secretary, who I found out was Jubadee's daughter and was older than me - so much heartbreak that day.

Yet now, the table was empty. That lovely governor passed on in peace, and his wife with him. That secretary is older, and now in her forties - her mother in her sixties. My olden friend passed on due to failed surgery - a surgery that was supposed to save his life, but didn't. It took time for me to realize that I had never really been a good friend to him, and I never realized how much I was missing all along until he was gone. His sage words never stuck with me, and now, I don't remember much about him and what he did.

The bartender waltzed his way over to my table, and offered me a drink, but I refused. I didn't go back to law school and study hard to become an official lawyer just to feel this way about my life. Where was that youthful, innocent fire for law and to defend the people? I sighed, and kneaded my head in frustration.

And then a thought came to mind. My inner sage clicked.

How can you defend such selfish individuals, when there are creatures out there that need to be defended?

Then, I knew what I wanted to do.

I got up, whisked my coat back on, then left. I was going to seek out the only living one who knew so much about the race we dislocated: Dr. Jubadee Lennen.


* Ass, as in "Donkey."
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