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A young married couple recall their rather strange first meeting.
Thirty-two year old Anna Jackson was helping her wife Lacy clean out their bedroom cupboard when she found an old bag and said to her wife, "Remember this?"

"How could I forget it,it's the reason why we meet," said Lacy as the two then began to remember what happened that day.

Anna,who had light brown hair and a slightly curvaceous figure was out walking in the park with her dog Bear when she accidentally tripped over a rock and watched in horror as her bag flew into a nearby pond.

The young brunette quickly ran over and was about to grab her bag when a duck suddenly appeared and took it and floated away.

Anna then tried to reach the bag but wasn't able to and just barely avoided falling into the pond.

She then saw a rather tall curvy blond walking passed and said, "excuse me miss,could you please give me a hand?"

The young woman walked over and struggled not to laugh at how ridiculous Anna's situation was before suggesting an idea.

She streched across the pond and was able to grab the bag while Anna held her t-shirt as the duck still refused to let go of the bag and a tug of war began.

The young brunette was struggling to hold as Bear then grabbed onto the seat of her skirt and pulled as a RIP sound was suddenly heard.

The back of Anna's skirt had been pulled off as she and the young blond were suddenly pulled into the water by the duck,who then let go of the bag and floated away.

The young woman picked it up and said, "I got your bag,my name's Lacy by the way."
The young brunette struggled not to laugh at the ridiculousness of the situation as she took her bag and replied, "Thank you,I'm Anna."

The two women then helped each other out of the pond as Anna said, "how about you come back to my house ,so you can dry off,which Lacy happily agreed to as she then joked, "Nice panties."

The young brunette then realised that her underwear was showing and quickly used her hoodie to cover up the hole in her skirt.

The two soon arrived at Anna's house along with Bear,as they then got dried off,changed clothes and had hot chocolate by the warm fire place.

The two women soon finished remembering and finished up their tidying before head downstairs where a excited Bear was waiting in the living room for them.
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