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Family is everything, so what will you do with our enemy set on destroying it.

She wondered under the moon, it's light not as mocking as the sun's harsh rays, suffocated by unfamiliar scents, she's never been in these parts of the woods before. Haggard steps, her body was collapsing, waning pants escape her slightly parted lips. She took a step and her paw buckled under her weight, the cold unforgiving floor was there to catch her. On impact she let a pitiful whine escape her lips. The ground was frigid and the wind biting cold, freezing her to her bones, too cold for an August night. Her fur wasn't doing much good, she was far too skinny. How long had she been without food or water? How long before it ends her?

Absorbed in the night's melodies, she let her thoughts drift. Her escape no longer seemed like a victory to her and her "freedom" felt like an unattainable dream. Her fate was to die here accomplishing nothing; it seems she was as worthless as they said she was. Consumed by her thoughts she left herself vulnerable to the watching eyes.

SNAP! The sound froze her more than the cold. It was now she realized the dead silence of the night. Her bones now shook with fear than the cold, as a familiar pungent stench wafted into her nostrils. A low growl sounded from behind her, she quickly jumped to feet hackles raised, poised to run.

She knew this game of tag all too well but this time it outcome wouldn't be in her favour. Without waiting for a reaction she bounded north into the night, praying that God would have mercy on her and grant her a swift painless end.

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