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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Sci-fi · #2209679
Man gets shrunk by girl from future
A young college aged man sat down on a seat on a bus as other passengers boarded the bus, and there were no more seats available. One of the standing passengers was a pregnant woman Jackie Douglas was in her early 20’s. Nobody would stand for her and give up their seat to her, including the young man. His decision to not give her his seat would have life altering consequences for him, he just didn’t know it yet.

Nearly 17 years later, the woman named Jackie who had been on the bus that day was talking to her now 16-year-old daughter, Dolores.

“A kid named Devon at school claimed he met a time traveler,” sixteen-year-old Dolores told her mother. “He has a huge crush on me, so he let me borrow this device. It’s a time cube, and it can take me back to any time and place in history. I can also shrink someone with a built in neutrino dissimilator, and bring him back to the present era.”

Dolores turned the device over in her hands. “Mom, do you know anyone who deserved to get shrunk? But they have to be cute!”

“When I was pregnant with you, not too long before I gave birth to you, I was on a bus, and there was a cute guy in his 20’s who refused to give me his seat. That’s the only time I can recall a really cute guy who deserved to be dealt with.”

“According to Devon, I can be vague and describe the time and place, and it will still take me there. All I need to do is think about where and when I want to go, and a dimensional portal will open up and I can step through and travel there.”

“Can you shrink something?” Jackie asked.

Dolores aimed the time cube at a flower pot, and pushed the button that activated the neutrino dissimilator. In an instant, the flower pot and the flower were reduced to a fraction of their original size. Dolores picked up the shrunken flower pot, and handed it to her mother.

“Can you acquire that guy without any difficulties?” Jackie asked.

“From what Devon told me, I can be back before you even knew I was gone!”

“Then show me!” Jackie told her daughter.

Dolores opened a dimensional portal and stepped through, then the portal collapsed and disappeared.

Dolores emerged about sixteen years in the past, just as the guy her mother had indicated was disembarking the bus. The time cube indicated that he was the young man Dolores was seeking. She aimed the neutrino dissimilator at him, and he was reduced to an inch tall. He looked up to see a sixteen year old brunette with a tanned complexion towering over him. She wore a blue jean miniskirt and a tank top, and black and white Converse with white socks. In her left hand was a glowing cube. She knelt down and grabbed him before he could assess his situation.

From Jackie’s perspective, a second after Dolores left, another dimensional portal opened and Dolores returned, carrying the time cube in one hand, and the shrunken captive in her other hand.

“You were right, Mom!” Dolores exclaimed. “He’s cute!”

Dolores marched over to the dining room table and set the time cube down, then set her captive down.

“What’s your name?” Dolores demanded.

“I’m Russel James!” said the inch tall captive.

“You’re around sixteen years in the future,” said Dolores. “You were riding a bus when my mother was pregnant with me, and you refused to stand and let my mother have your seat.”

“There were a dozen other people sitting on that bus, I’m not the only one who refused to give up my seat!”

Dolores slammed her right fist down on the table violently. “I’m not asking them! I’m asking you!”

“Are you keeping me?” Russel asked.

Dolores continued: “Welcome to your new life, you’re new home is going to be a glass jar with cotton balls for a bed and air holes cut into the lid!”

“But I had a life sixteen years ago!” Russel said. “My family will be worried about me!”

“You put your life in my hands when you refused to offer your seat to my Mom!” said Dolores. Dolores lifted her shirt, revealing her belly button. “I’m sending you on a journey to my teenage belly!”

Dolores grabbed a Russel, and lifted him over her mouth. Russel looked down, and briefly saw that Dolores had immaculate white teeth. Dolores let go of Russel and he dropped into her mouth. She sealed her lips and swallowed him in one gulp.

Russel slid down the esophagus of the voracious vixen who had swallowed him, and he splashed down in her stomach. He had enough air to breathe, but instinctively tried to conserve his air by holding his breath. Every few seconds, he took a small breath. He was unsure if he would survive.

Dolores grabbed a large plastic bowl from the kitchen and set it on the table, then pulled a strange device from her purse. “This is a neural stimulator, it will make me vomit him back up.”

Dolores aimed the device at her head and pulled the trigger. Moments later, she vomited into the bowl. She fished around for Russel, and plucked him out.

“How do you feel about your new position on the bottom of the food chain?” Dolores asked. “You’re my slave-toy for the rest of your natural life!”

The End
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