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Writer's Cramp
"I can spend a lifetime, waiting for you." Bill said angrily, leaning against the door frame. The shower was roaring and Jill didn't catch his words. She turned the knob and the gush turned to a trickle. A wet hand reached out and grabbed a towel.

"Did you say something, babe?" Jill said, wiping herself down. Bill just shook his head and crossed to the cupboard. Grabbing his jacket from the hook he turned and looked at her. The hair was greyer, the skin more puckered, but the eyes; forty years hadn't changed those bright blue eyes.

"What are you plannin' on wearin'?" Bill asked.

"I haven't decided. D'you think the blue dress, or maybe the green trouser suit?" Jill replied, rifling through the rail of clothes.

"Well, you'd better hurry up and decide or you'll be goin' in yer birthday suit." Bill left the room and stomped down the stairs. Jill threw on a pink, flouncy number.

"Have you seen my black handbag?" Jill called down. No answer. Looking out of the window she could see Bill pacing outside. Shoes and jacket on, Jill raced down the stairs. Quick check in the mirror and she was ready.

"Taxi's here," Bill shouted. Jill grabbed her bag and rushed outside. She was just about to slam the front door shut when ... "Hold it, I gotta pee."

Ten minutes later. "Sorry I kept you waiting," Bill was talking to the taxi driver but it was Jill who replied.

"I can spend a lifetime, waiting for you." She held his arm and they walked to the waiting cab.

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