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This is the only Madman from my creative writing class that is basically finished.
         They found me in a ditch, that I remember clearly. I had been sitting there for who knows how long watching blood seep out of my wounds and dry up on my skin and clothes. I think I was in shock, if that’s even possible. Eventually someone found me, a passing hunter who looked more than startled when he stumbled over my leg and ran off in the direction he came from. I assume he called the police because it wasn't long before I heard sirens and two men with badges entered my little part of the woods. It was the younger one who saw me first, his flashlight just barely landing on my face before he recoiled and promptly puked on a tree. The other one, who had greyed hair and a tired look to his eyes, simply glanced at him before stepping closer to me with a frown and calling in backup.
         “You alright there, Charlie?” I didn't react when the older of the two started to speak, my mind felt blank and I couldn't seem to make myself care about their presence.
         “Yeah, yeah, I just… need a moment.” I heard the old man walk away and what sounded like him giving Charlie a pat on the back. A few minutes later more sirens got closer and I heard multiple footsteps crunching the leaves on the ground.
         Time seemed to speed by as all around me people took pictures, made notes, and searched the area. I watched it all with a blank stare, everything was moving fast and I couldn't find it in me to really focus. Finally things seemed to slow down and two paramedics came up and briefly examined me taking note of what they saw. Then, I watched as they took me out of the ditch, as they laid my body into a black plastic bag and zipped it up past my face. I moved for the first time when they started to walk away with the bag on a stretcher, I followed them and simply watched as they loaded my body into an ambulance and drove away leaving me standing there staring. Can the dead go into shock?
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2209773