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I'm starting to write this letter to myself on the 85th Anniversary Of Elvis's Birth...
Dear Me --

Here is a bitem button that will take us (as well as anyone else who might be reading this) to what I wrote to you the previous January...

Dear Me -- What Next!?!  (13+)
A letter to myself written on Thursday, December 31, 2019
#2181460 by AJ wants U 2 meet The CanMan!

Can you believe that we're not just into a whole new year but, also, a whole new decade.

Not only that, but I'm starting to write to you on the 85th anniversary of the birth of Elvis Presley  .

Anyway, you're going to be reading over my shoulder while I'm writing this and will be reading it all along, but others won't be seeing this until sometime by or before January 31.

This is going to be a time of intense study of what makes us tick, and we'll be learning along the way together.

But I'll be brief for now and say that we've done something on time such as following through with plans to get this letter started on this milestone day of
January 8, 2020

Dear Me!

Can it really be January 31 already!?!

My original plans were to write a little bit to you/us throughout the month of January, but life got in the way of that (something I'm going to be getting into a little later today after I finish writing something about it that just so happens to be one of my prompts for the day.

Anyway, I have several things needing to be done throughout the day, so I'm going to be coming and going from here to jot down little details.

At this time it's a little after half-past-twelve (as in midnight instead of noon).


I'm now about to make our plans public here in the last hour of January 31, 2020.

One thing that's going to make it easy to get our goals met for this year is to organize them.

"Grow Me In 2020 (Part One) A Place To Organize My WdC Blogs
"Grow Me In 2020 (Part Two) 'THE BIG PROJECT"
"Grow Me In 2020 (Part Three) Dear Me Progress Reports

Here is February's assignment:
Each of those three entries needs to be added to significantly during the month of February so that they're well beyond the framework that's been put up as a starter.

As for the rest of the year..."THE BIG PROJECT" needs to be officially grand-opened and with its new name before 2021 arrives -- and the sooner the better.

Do you believe that we can do this?

Good! Let's make 2020 a great year with a lot of positive changes!

Write On, Sister!
AJ wants U 2 meet The CanMan! *Delight*

P.S. Think of all of those past years as rehearsals for the really getting our act together during this brand new year in a brand new decade. You might say that we're now in the Roaring 20's -- as in:

We are women -- hear us roar!!!

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