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Prayer is the answer to being victorious in this life.

Today God is speaking to our hearts to keep praying about everything in our daily lives. Learn to live a life of obedience and sacrifice, and you will see His children healed and set free.

God the Father, wants us to know that He has seen our heartaches, our tears and has heard our pleas.
You have been chosen, and God qualifies the chosen.

Many people are running away from their gifts instead of embracing them.
You may feel that you are not prepared to take on the gifts that He has instilled in you.
However, be it known, God knows what he is doing.

All you have to do is be willing and when He speaks to you be quick to act.
Be faithful in the small things and He will give you larger things, or more responsibilities.
He will open the floodgates of Heaven, and pour out His blessings on you.

Don't let the enemy, Satan, steal your peace concerning anything because the Lord has left His peace with us.
Look to the author and finisher of your faith for He has all things about our lives under His control.

For the seasoned warrior, there is no more drinking milk, time to eat the meat of the Word. We need to study, dissect, and study more. As we read the Word of God, He will open the eyes of our
understanding and show us revelations from His Word. There are mysteries hidden in God's Word
that He will reveal to His faithful children who diligently seek His face with their whole heart.

We have all seen our share of troubled waters. Some of us have wavered a bit and even been led astray from time to time.
We all have kept trying to put our hand back in the Savior's hand in the midst of the troubled waters.
He patiently stood upon the waters with his hand extended waiting for us to take His. His hand always kept us from sinking.

We have all had our share of small blessings. Some of them have come with a price, but still, He has
shown us how much He loves us by showering us with blessings in our daily walk with God.
Being obedient is the key to peace and prosperity.

The Lord God once showed me a vision of His hand. A giant hand. He showed me that He holds the
whole world in His grasp. As His hand turns He sees all things, hears all things,
including the cries of His people from every angle.

My God hears the cries of the just, and the unjust, for he reigns justly upon all humanity.
God longs to reign in the hearts of those who call Him by His name.
God implores us to keep our hand in His Hands so that He can carry us through all those trials and tribulations.
During those tough times, and between the rocks and the hard places, and in the end, we will know joy like never before.

He has left His peace with us, in a world filled with turmoil, and dangers.
He urges us to give our Peace to Him by putting it in His hands, and we will never lack for anything.

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