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A kingdom lost in time and a girl whose secret may be called to legends.
The Royal and The Peasant

White Rose is a peasant girl in a small village at the far end of Focian Brook, the fox kingdom. There in the village is the king’s castle where he and his son, Zain, live among the land. Out of curiosity, Zain venters alone into the village. He treats everyone as if a friend which the Villagers enjoyed. Soon, though, he finds himself looking at a girl (White Rose) who was curled up in an alley near the ends of the village. He Approached her and noticed tear stains on her eyes. Let’s see what happens… Shall we?

Chapter One
The Peasant Girl

Zain looked down at the girl curiously as he noticed stains from tears on her face. He knelt down and tilted his head as he placed a hand on the girl’s cheek under her eye wiping what was left of the tears she had cried. Zain quickly moved his hand as the girl began to stir. He looked down at the girl as she opened her light blue eyes.
The girl, still tired, looked up and nearly jolted upwards, which wouldn’t be much help since there was a barrel next to her when she saw the prince kneeling down next to her. What was he doing in the village?
“H-Huh!? Prince Zain… W-what are you doing h-here?” The girl squeaked as she sat up making sure to keep her hood on.
“What? Am I not allowed in my own kingdom? The real question is, girl, why were you crying?” Zain said as he sat down next to her
“U-Uh… N-no reason.” The girl muttered looking down at the Alley ground as she began playing with a string not noticing it was part of the Prince’s uniform.
“Hehe. Umm, that is nothing to mess with.” Zain snickered as he put his hand on hers stopping her from messing with the string. He could feel her hands let go of the string and looked down at the girl whose face was bright pink. He quickly let go of her hand and looked away.
“Well. Why were you actually crying? You never told me.” Zain said putting his hand on her cheek and lifted her head to look into her light blue eyes. He smiled softly as he felt his hand heat up as her face went red.
“...” The girl went quiet as her eyes went wide. She quickly looked away from the prince and went quiet. She looked back up as she felt Zain try to take her hood down. She quickly moved back and grabbed her hood keeping what was hidden within.
“Why did you move back? You shouldn’t be wearing a hood in this weather either way.” Zain said as he frowned. Though the girl hid it, he could see what looked blonde under the hood. He watched as the girl looked away to the ground that lay between them.
“Y-you wouldn’t trust me if you knew.” The girl said as she looked briefly up at him before looking down again.
“Well, how do you know if I would trust you either way,” Zain asked still curious as to why the girl was crying. He looked up at her and placed his hand under her chin lifting it up for her to look at him.
“I’ll ask you one more time, why were you crying?” Zain asked as he looked into her eyes but she didn't answer.
“Here follow me back to my castle and have dinner with me. Please, I insist that you do,” Zain said standing up and reached out his hand to help her up but the girl didn’t take it. Instead, she looked at his hand then back to him.
“What? Do you not like my offer for dinner?” Zain asked curiously still reaching for the girl.
“Why should I trust you?” The girl asked looking up at Zain as she still ignored his hand.
“So are you refusing my offer or are you going to sit there on the ground and ignore me?” Zain asked still wondering why she was crying in the middle of the alley.
“I still don’t know why I should trust you.” The girl said standing up herself and looked at him with curious eyes.
“Ok, I’ll give you one reason why you should go back with me one its better than being on the streets of the village,” Zain said still trying to think of things.
“That is only one. Unlike you, I have lived here on the streets for my whole life. You have the kingdom after all. You don’t have to beg for food nor have to sleep on the ground every night. You have a bed and food to eat every day.” The girl replied as she looked to the ground.
“Why don’t you trust me and if you want me to go back home just say so,” Zain said started to look down irritated at himself.
“N-no… The least I can do is… Well… I-I guess I’ll go… but, t-the castle is pretty far from here.” The girl said as she walked out of the alley and pointed to the castle.
“Plus, I am not quite dressed for the occasion but when is a peasant ever? Why even have me over if I am not fit for the special event of eating with the prince himself?” The girl asked turning around to look at him.
“Because why not we only have boring kings and queens over and it’s so boring my father doesn’t let me do anything fun,” Zain exclaimed.
“But I am still not dressed for the occasion. W-why? I am still merely a peasant girl to your father, the king. Who says he will allow me to even enter the castle?” The girl asked walking back over to Zain and looked up at him.
“Ok so I’ll sneak you in by distracting my dad and you can go through my clothes and find something to wear,” Zain said still trying to think of something.
“I doubt that you would be able to. I stand out plus I don’t know if I’m willing to walk that far.” The girl said as she shuffled her feet.
“And either way, I guess I should decline your offer. I am merely a peasant. I do not even deserve speaking to you.” The girl said as she turned on her heels.
“Good day, your highness,” The girl said looking over her shoulder to Zain.
“Wait,” Zain yelled grabbing the girl’s hood as she tried walking away and pulled her to him as her hood fell off revealing her white hair and ears.
“H-hey. Let me go.” The girl yelped as she tried to get away from his grasp. She opened her eyes wide when she noticed her hood was down and her ears flattened.
“Y-your beautiful,” Zain said as he let go of the girl and she turned to face him. He looked into her light blue eyes that seemed to ripple like a stone just hit the water’s surface.
“N-no I’m not.” The girl said as she looked away.
“And who told you that?” Zain said grabbing the girl’s hand and stepped forward closer to her.
“I-I’m a Surikoni. W-what do y-you expect?” The girl said looking away not making eye contact.
“Nothing I guess,” Zain said with a shrug. He watched as she looked up at him her blue eyes seemed to shimmer in the sunlight hitting them.
“How can I believe that?” The girl said as she looked into his eyes, Zain could see the pain she felt within them.
“Because. A king, nor a prince lies to their subjects.” Zain said placing his hand against her cheek as his fox tail swayed. He frowned knowing she didn’t believe him when he said it and sighed.
“I’m sorry your majesty. I can’t believe what I have not seen. Good day.” The girl said shaking her head and backing up putting her hood back on and turning around looking back at him briefly.
“Name is White Rose. That is the end of the story.” White Rose said before walking away from Zain and looked around hoping no one saw her ears or hair. She sighed as a crowd began to form and she pushed passed people as if she were invisible
“Wait.” Zain called as he pushed his way through the crowd. When he finally caught up with her and saw an opening, he reached out his arm and grabbed her pulling her to him.
“Let go.” White rose said trying to pull herself away but Zain just tightened his grip on her arm.
“No. Not again. I won’t let you. You are going to the palace with me whether you like it or not.” Zain said standing straight looking at her. He could feel the townspeople begin to stare at him and her when he said it.
“I said let go.” White Rose said her eyes flashed and she tried to release her arm from his grasp but he didn’t show any signs of letting go.
“And I said no,” Zain said looking into her eyes and could see the fear that rushed through them. Once again, her eyes looked as if water rippling after getting a stone skipped across its surface. He could feel his face redden but he kept his gaze.
“Grr.” White Rose growled trying to hide the fear in her eyes knowing Zain had already seen it but she allowed them to flash as if a warning.
“Don’t growl at me,” Zain warned and White Rose stopped but still pulled away. He tightened his grip once again and pulled her towards him. He wrapped his arms around her to keep his grasp on her.
“Stop it! Let go!” White Rose cried continuing to struggle in Zain’s arms. She could feel the tears fall from her eyes but stopped herself from wailing like a child. She clenched her fist but released it as she stopped struggling giving up. White Rose looked up and around at the towns people who stood near staring as a chill shivered down her spine and fear struck her eyes.
“Hey you okay Rose” Zain asked seeing the fear in her eyes.
“Don’t call me that… My name shouldn’t even be on your tongue.” White Rose muttered looking down and away from the gaze of the townspeople.
“Can you just go back with me.” Zain said looking down at her.
“...” White Rose grew quiet. Even though her tail was hidden, Zain felt it as it brushed against his leg.
“Unless you want to stay here where people could hurt you.” Zain said softly in her ear.
“Uh… Fine…” White Rose said as her ears flattened under the hood. She felt as Zain slowly loosened his grip around her and felt him place her hand in his. She felt her face redden but looked away to hide it as they began to walk.
By the time they were halfway to the castle and White Rose was falling behind despite Zain holding her hand. He looked back and saw how tired she had grown from walking.
“You okay?” Zain said stopping to allow White Rose to catch up.
“I’m fine… Why should you care?” White Rose grumbled tiredly.
“Like I said, I’m the Prince. It’s my job to worry about my people.” Zain said heaving a sigh as his tail brushed against her.
“Besides, I wouldn’t want to have you walking when you’re tired.” Zain joked nudging her playfully.
“And?” White Rose asked looking up at him. Zain could see her blue eyes as the moon light reflected against the. He smiled softly and pulled her hood slightly down as his lips brushed against her forehead. He laughed as he watched White Rose’s face go red.
“And, what type of Prince would I be to let people treat others so poorly because of one thing.” Zain said smiling at her as she looked away.
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