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weekly submission to the "I Write Contest"

Encountering flowers of a foreign god long version
(1/17 submission)

when traveling to a new planet
the explores from earth
were eager to explore
the brand new world

the newly discovered
worm hole technology
inspired by the wrinkle in time series
allowed humanity to explore
the entire universe

a great debate occurred
would foreign planets
prove the existence
of the one true god

whatever god that might be
or would they prove
that there were many gods
in the universe

or would it prove
that there were no gods
anywhere at all

God was silent
as always
on this matter

the crew landed
on Alpha Century planet B
the first planet chosen
earth like pleasant temperatures

the world was filled with wild flowers
and peaceful intelligent dog like creatures
who knew about earth
from prior visits

they were welcomed
to attend their religious service
they went into a temple
build out of flowers

brilliant flowers
intoxicating smells
overwhelming them all

their god came to life
welcomed them
but did not
god allah
or the other earth gods

sorry he said
each planet has its own gods
and there are no universal gods

the earth people were dismayed
and returned home
saddened by the knowledge
there is no Christian or Muslim Gods

other than in the imaginings
of people on earth
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