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A 14 years old is doing her best to run away from everything.Will she get through this?
Hello Reader's, mu name is Liza. I going to tell you a story that had happen to me in Middle School. Back then I was only in 7th grade. There was this one boy who had caught my attention for years but this year didn't go as well as I thought it would. I end up confessing my feelings for him. Before I get to that part lets go back to the first day of school. It was a bright sunny day to walk to school. It was only 8:00 and I was still far away like a few blocks until school, I thought to myself "Will I come ate to school?" I keep saying to myself " All I have to do is run, so I won't be late." but that didn't work. One of my friends ran up to me and said " Hey Liza, it been a while." "It has been since 6th grade, how you been?" All I think was me coming in late to class and having to deal with everyone looking at me. I have always hate it when everyone eyes are on you. Like hello I am a human just like you. "Hello Liza are you alright?" " Oh... yeah sorry about that." I forget that she was right here. When we got to the front of the building, each of us went our own way. I went to find my classroom. Right before entering the class I got nervous. Everyone was already there. "I didn't want to enter and everyone looking at me?" but lucky there were some teachers outside helping the students find there classroom and taking them there. Lucky they took me to the classroom and told that teacher that I'm Liza. Everyone eyes were on me. At the point all I wanted to do is just kill self right there. After a few days I made a new friend. His name was Erick. He was nice and funny but something about him made me feel different. Like there was a sign that made me feel as if we would be best friends in the future. One day during social studies. This boy name Leo was looking at me weird. His friend Chris came up to me and said " Hey Liza I heard someone has a crush on you?" "Um..well I don't know anything about that" "So, who you like?" He really ask me who I like but I really mess up though. I told him who I like. " I like this boy name Eric." "oh... okay well bye" I wish I had never told him. On October 23,2012 I had turn in my project early from everyone else. We had different choices to create the story. Well I had choice to do a video and well she told the whole class if they need help they can ask me or her.
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