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Entry for the Dear Me 2020 contest
Dear Me,

You’ve made an awesome step by returning to writing last August. What’s even better is that you’re still writing five months later. You don’t normally stay focused for this long a period. It’s so impressive that you’ve been so consistent in your Kit’s Korner blog, publishing over 30 entries! Even though you only planned for it to be a “dress-rehearsal” for a “real” blog.

Since reading is such an important part of any writer’s life, you joined both the annual and monthly reading challenges. This will give you a wonderful opportunity to practice reviewing books which may lead to reviewing other products. It would be prudent to set a low goal and exceed it rather than to set a higher goal and get stressed over it. Fortunately you enjoy reading. Knowing that you will be writing a review, you will be paying a lot more attention than is your usual custom.

It was a good idea to reduce the frequency of your posts to the Kit’s Korner blog, at least for a few months. You’ll need that time to get your WordPress Kit’s Kontemplations blog launched. After a lot of research, you’ve got everything ready except to write about five or maybe ten articles before launching the blog.

Last week you downloaded the WDC prompt app, and today you tried your first prompt. You’ve not written anything from this type of prompt for over ten years, much less anything fictional. It was a great way to fulfill your committment to writing every day. You may not work with the app every day, but it would be a great idea to aim for twice a week. If you exceed that, then you’ll feel great. That would be better than aiming to do it more often and not following through.

WDC offers so many opportunities to write and you’ve been taking advantage of quite a few of them over the past several months. The biggest challenge was the piece you wrote for the 4 Controversies contest - not because of the topic but because of the length. You’ve been keeping an eye out for the next round but have been feeling uncertain about whether you really want to write something that long again. You should consider trying it. It’s difficult but worth the effort. It will give you practice in planning, creating and revising. Writing short pieces doesn’t provide as great an opportunity to develop these skills.

Many writers advise you to write every day and that it doesn’t matter what you write. They say it’s better to write garbage every day than to not write every day. You’ve resisted that advice for good reason. The whole “morning pages” concept is not necessarily for everyone. You’ve learned that there are no hard and fast rules about anything; there are a lot of “expert” opinions. The most important thing that you’ve finally grasped is that “one size does not fit all” and that you need to take what works and leave the rest. You have the wisdom and a clear sense of who you are, therefore, you know what will work for you. You have the confidence to leave the rest.

Believing in you,
Your greatest fan
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