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This is a story about two sister's engaging in a strange call.
I was sitting there reading my book and watching the television, well mainly listening, since there wasn't much on. I had my

book on my knee. I was watching the snow fall, I had my heated blanket on, staying warm, trying to forget the cold, I detested

the cold. There wasn't much I could do about it, so I curled up with my warm blanket and opened up my new book that I had just

purchased that same day. It took me to an open portal of London, England and I didn't even have to move from my seat, its the

least expensive way to travel. Free. I liked free a lot, so I dived right into the book, and it kept me riveted on its pages, and I

actually felt like I was in London, England.

I am the type of person that is drawn to a book when I start I want to finish the chapter, no matter how long or short it is, she

is a new author also. From what I had read so far she was pretty good, so piqued my interest, and I went on reading, and I was

almost done my second chapter. When the phone rang it was my sister she wanted to chit chat and I didn't have the heart to

tell her I was reading. She was crying and hysterical I told her to calm down so I could find out what was upsetting her so much.

Slowly her sobbing subsided I could actually see her get a tissue and wipe the tears from her eyes and then started to tell

me the most bizarre tale.

''I went to go look out the window and I saw these two deep green eyes glowing at me, I was wondering what to do,

should I go out and check, or just stay in here until the thing left.'' My sister had a way of talking fast with out catching a break

in between. This time she paused as if she was catching her breath, which gave me an invitation in, so I seized the moment.

There was a pregnant pause she sniffled, blowing her nose, she had to be so dramatic, but that was the way of her.

''When I went up to go out the thing came right up to the window it was weird like something out of the Twilight Zone, it

looked like an alien, had alien eyes.'' My sister started sobbing and I suppose I didn't help with the next thing I said, because

it just made her cry harder.

''This could be your mind playing tricks on you, you could be over tired.'' I knew how she got when tiredness over took

her and consumed her, making her see things that weren't there.

''No, no this was real. I was going to go and open the door, but then I turned around and it was gone, disappeared, no

more. I thought it was my imagination just playing tricks on me, but not, and then it reappeared again. There was a green

haze around it like a green halo, scared the crap right out of me.

''I bet it did and then I went to sleep and I woke up, but I wasn't awake this was the middle of the night and I was sleep

walking. I went to where I saw the thing and I could feel its presence, it was there in the dark of the night, and I couldn't see

it. I wasn't scared this time just curious.''

''So, what did you do?'' I let out my breath I didn't know I had been holding and waited for her response. I didn't want

to tell my sister she had been on my thoughts most of the night. Then my sister probably already knew that she had ESP

when it came to that sort of thing.

''I went and opened the door and stood outside, you know what I was standing in my own dream and the thing was all

around me, and I felt safe and secure and then that was it. It was all gone the thing and I went back so sleep and I felt a

peace, serenity, that I hadn't felt in a long time. I still felt the thing, whatever it was, almost like it was protecting me from


I could actually feel the love from the entity my sister was describing to me it was the love of her phone call that surpassed

me into understanding her own uniqueness. I could feel the love pour out and all around it could have been an alien, a spirit,

an angel, an entity of some sort. Whatever it was I knew that it was there to watch over my sister so that she would be safe,

and in my own heart I felt safe as well.

When I looked out the window I saw the green glow and knew the entity was with me too, and I knew that my sister was

going to be alright. Where she was alone but not really alone, there was someone watching over her, and guiding her along

the way.

''I better go, well chat tomorrow, sweet dreams.'' I knew that she didn't need me to tell her that, and she would have her

guiding spirit, or whatever it was watching over her.

''Yes better go too, sweet dreams yourself, and I don't need to know or see I feel it all around, that is the best part of it

all, goodnight, chat tomorrow too.'' She sounded much more better too, which made me feel more content and I could go

back to my reading.

When I got off the phone with my sister I felt a strange sensation what a bizarre call I had felt so much love come from

that one call. I felt like the being was around me and I felt appeased, as I went back to my book and go into my own world

of London, England. I knew that all was right as rain my world and my sister's, and that made me feel so secure, so serene,

I had closed my eyes and when I opened them I saw something strange outside my window, or felt it so strongly, and I knew

the entity would be our saving grace. I still felt the phone call was strange but knew that my sister had called me for her own

reasoning, and for that I was grateful. We always had a connection and now I knew that no matter where you are the spirit

always follow you, as I went back to reading my book.
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