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Rated: E · Short Story · Action/Adventure · #2210030
A tale about friendship, consideration, and courtesy
The Friendship of Damian and Bear the Bear
By Damian Kiefer and Holly Wogan

It's winter, and Bear is asleep in his cave.

His cave is under a mountain, next to a rushing river full of fish.

He hates people hiking in his mountains, fishing in his river or singing.

Damian lives a few miles downriver from Bears cave.

He loves hiking the mountain trails, fishing in the rushing river and singing.

Bears mountain has the best trails, the sweetest fish and the deepest echoes on the whole mountain

One day in early spring, Damian filled his favorite blue wagon with several bottles of milk, jars of honey, a basket of berries and a bucket of fish, still wet and wiggling.

He left the wagon by the mouth of Bears cave and on top he leaves a note,

"Hello Friend Bear,

I know you must be hungry after your long sleep. I hope you enjoy your breakfast. Also, I would like your permission to hike along your trails, fish in your river and sing. I will try my hardest to be tidy and quiet.
Your Friend Damian"

Bear woke up to the sunlight steaming into his cave, the sound of a rumbling tummy and the smell of breakfast. As he ate he read the note and smiled a surprized smile. He got a pen and a piece of paper and wrote a note back

"Hello Friend Damian,

Thank you for breakfast, I was very hungry and it was delicious. You are a kind, considerate boy. So yes, you have my permission to hike along my trails, fish in my river and sing.

Your Friend Bear"

He placed the empty bottles and jars in the basket and rinsed out the bucket before putting it all back in the wagon. Then he left the wagon by the main road beneath a large tree by the main road

The boy found the wagon and read the note, smiling a very happy smile

After that Damian spent all of his free time hiking, fishing and singing in Bears Mountains.

Sometimes Bear would join him, teaching him about the forest, the creatures who lived there, how they lived and what they liked (or didn't like). Damian would then tell Bear all about people, cities and towns and schools.

Sometimes Damian and Bear would sit by the river together, fishing quietly, sipping cold ice tea and nibbling apple cakes.

Their friendship lasted years and years, until they were both old and grey. Together they watched their grandchildren hike the mountain trails, fish in the rushing river and sing together.

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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/2210030-The-Friendship-Between-Damian-and-Bear