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Dear Me

January 11, 2020

Welcome to the New Year, 2020, finally I guess. Past years have been awkward, some not the best.

What is the future, how can I tell, setting my goals may break that Spell!
I write in free verse that you understand. For so moves my mind, and also my hand.

Set out our goals was suggested to me, an idea with merit, so just let us see. A list not in order but sent by our Muse. To make our life better, which path shall we choose. Being a poet is hard for a start, always thinking and dreaming, that sets us apart!

Our love life is dismal, we know that is a fact.
So, this challenge first we will attack. Find that fair beauty to quench this dry thirst! To share the future with a lady of worth, just be yourself and your smile will glow. Her sparkling return is the way you will know.,

We have poetized aplenty for many a time. To be published this year would make our heart shine. Odds overwhelming, but give it a try, it could happen, it just might! If all else fails, then self-publish it right?

The weather is cold in these northern climes, so let us adjourn to the tropics sometime. Cuba or Costa appeals to me, so we should be planning to see where we’ll be. First sit in the booth and get a base tan, don’t want to burn it is not a good plan. We can frolic and feast and have great fun, hopefully the trip won’t be for just one.

Family and friends, you can happily see, being "retired" is so nice to be! There’s more time to spend, expand with great joy, all that was lost working as a man and a boy.

Research your history to shed a bright light, our ancestors await to come into sight. Over the years you’ve done just a bit, so Google some more, just get down to it.

So, this is our list, you know what we need.
Jump into action, achieve and achieve!

Now here is a caution, just for myself, don’t let this missive just rot on a shelf.

Sincerely Me

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