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This is your Life Purpose Department writing to let you know of our plans for 2020.
Life Purpose Department
Prefrontal Cortex
Sector B, Room 12

January 2020

Krysha aka runningwolf04

RE: Goals and Rewards for the Year 2020

Dear Me,

As you know from previous letters from our department, our sole purpose is to help us determine our desires in life and how we go about obtaining them. Located in the prefrontal cortex of our brain, our department is more specifically responsible for the “execution, order, and timing” of each step we take on our path to achieving each goal we establish for ourself throughout the year as well as those long-term goals that may take a lifetime to achieve. (Since we always succumb to the need to verify scientific information, we have linked to appropriate sources at the bottom of this letter.)

We understand that it was very difficult to set goals for 2019 after being diagnosed with severe hypophosphatemia and hypoglycemia the year before, and not knowing what was causing these problems. However, we are now more determined than ever to set and accomplish goals this year. Our Anxiety Control Department, located in Sector F of the amygdala, has sought outside help from the surrounding temporal lobe. This has allowed us to keep up with the stressors of medical treatments while allowing us to stay focused on other areas of life as well. We also have to give credit to our department of concentration controllers located just next door in Sector A of the prefrontal cortex for helping to make a new year, and a new decade, one of realized ambitions.

Now that we have found all pertinent departments of our brain working efficiently together, it’s time to create our goals for 2020, determine why they are important, and set rewards for the various milestones we will reach as we accomplish them. For the purpose of establishing clear goals, we are employing the S.M.A.R.T. method of goal setting. There is a link to more information about S.M.A.R.T. goals below. However, in short, these goals are:
*Bullet* Specific
*Bullet* Measurable
*Bullet* Attainable
*Bullet* Relevant, and
*Bullet* Time-Bound

GOAL #1: Reviewing on WdC
Reviewing is an essential activity on Writing.com that allows writers to learn and grow. The reviewer also learns what works and what doesn’t in various forms of writing, learns new literary or poetic devices they may not have been aware of previously, and is exposed to a wide variety of writing styles so they can help develop their own, unique voice as a writer.

*Bullet* S: complete at least 20 reviews each month throughout 2020 including those for Superpower Review Group, the Anniversary Reviewers, our own writing contests, reviews donated to fundraisers, and other reviewing activities that may run throughout the year
*Bullet* M: all reviews completed will be tracked in Evernote with a checklist to ensure that at least 20 reviews each month are completed
*Bullet* A: based on the number of groups and activities that we review with, 20 reviews per month may not be much of a challenge at certain times while at others, especially when unexpected circumstances arise, this goal may be more challenging (but always achievable)
*Bullet* R: reviewing is not only an activity that we find enjoyable, but it’s also one that has helped us grow as a writer (more specifically adding to the library of knowledge contained within the vast halls located in the left hemisphere archives on the second floor)
*Bullet* T: this goal will be accomplished each month throughout the year

Reward for Accomplishment: for each month that we complete at least 20 reviews, we will be rewarded with 100,000 GPs

GOAL #2: Writing
Writing is, well, the most important part of being a writer. What is a writer who doesn’t write, right?

*Bullet* S: write at least 2,500 words each month through various contest entries, non-contest creative works, chapters or sections of my memoir, or chapters or sections of my novel (words written for journaling, reviewing, or freelance writing do NOT count)
*Bullet* M: all words written will be tracked in Evernote along with details of what project they were written for and the date on which they were written
*Bullet* A: based on past experiences with creative writing goals, the threshold of 2,500 words will require stretching just outside of our comfort zone without causing anxiety and overwhelm with the challenge
*Bullet* R: We are a writer. We need to write.
*Bullet* T: this goal will be accomplished each month

Reward for Accomplishment: for each month that we write at least 2,500 words, we will be rewarded with 100,000 GPs

GOAL #3: Etsy
Crafting is a therapy all its own and not all have been able to experience the joy of creating a finished product from bits and pieces of bobbles and parts. Sharing completed crafts is a way of spreading that joy with others who appreciate items that are handmade and made with love.

*Bullet* S: our Etsy shop will open for business with at least 20 items for sale by June 30th, 2020
*Bullet* M: a checklist has already been created with the steps necessary to make this happen including coming up with a name for the shop, finding the right products and patterns, creating them, pricing them, and listing them (not to mention marketing tasks like social media and blogging)
*Bullet* A: with current and expected time commitments as well as a list of items already created, this is a goal that could even be accomplished early with a bit of hard work
*Bullet* R: as a crafter, sharing and selling handmade items is an honor and huge boost to self-esteem
*Bullet* T: deadline is June 30th, 2020

Reward for Accomplishment: once the shop is opened, so long as it is opened on or before the deadline, we will be rewarded with a $100 shopping spree at the craft store of our choice

GOAL #4: Full-Time Freelance Writing
Freelance writing has been the sole source of expendable income for several years. It was necessary to step away from our career for a short time for medical reasons. However, this is the perfect time to “reinvent ourself” as a freelance writer with greater emphasis on our self-worth with both education and experience.

*Bullet* S: earn at least $2,000 per month each month through the end of the year starting in September at the latest
*Bullet* M: income and expense sheets will be filled out as usual for each month as soon as we begin taking on freelance work again
*Bullet* A: as a freelance writer for the last 10+ years, we are comfortable with the work required to accomplish this goal (it will just take a bit more hard work than in the past and we are willing to put in that effort with the promise of an even greater reward in the form of dopamine!)
*Bullet* R: what’s more relevant than a career?
*Bullet* T: minimum earnings will be reached starting in September and possibly sooner, but not later

Reward for Accomplishment: for earning $2,000 per month through September, October, November, and December of 2020, we will arrange for a 4-day vacation for Tye and ourself in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico (relaxing hot springs, anyone? More dopamine, anyone?)

GOAL #5: Reading
Whether self-help books or fiction, exposure to many different styles and types of writing is vital for any writer. This reading goal pertains to digital books (i.e. Kindle) or physical books only and does not include the reading of WdC items.

*Bullet* S: start and finish reading at least one book per month
*Bullet* M: track the progress we make through each book and then review it on Goodreads before the end of the month
*Bullet* A: while it has been some time since we’ve read consistently, we have read much more than one book per month in the past (starting with this smaller goal makes it much more achievable)
*Bullet* R: all writers need to read, all those who are curious need to learn
*Bullet* T: at least one book will be completed each month throughout the year, each book will be completed before the end of the month

Reward for Accomplishment: for each month in which at least one book is completed, we will be rewarded with $25 to spend on additional digital or physical books

We’ve established these 5 goals for ourself based on our success accomplishing similar goals in the past and what we feel is achievable in the year 2020 considering our current health condition and other unavoidable situations. We understand that there are still many unknowns ahead of us and these goals are designed to help us reach just outside of our comfort zone to grow as a reader and reviewer, a writer, a crafter, and a freelancer. However, these unknowns can pose a problem with accomplishing these goals at the regularly scheduled times or intervals. We reserve the right to adjust a deadline or allow “make up work” to get caught up on goals that we may fall behind on. These considerations will only be made in extreme circumstances and will be determined by upper management.

We wish ourself the best of luck in the coming year with the diagnosis and treatment of current medical conditions and the growth that can only come with the determination to leave our comfort zone for someplace new and exciting (even if a little fear-inducing at first).

All our love,


Outside Research:
*Bullet* Prefrontal Cortex  
*Bullet* Amygdala  
*Bullet* Temporal Lobes  
*Bullet* Concentration  
*Bullet* SMART Goals  
*Bullet* Left and Right Hemispheres  
*Bullet* The Science of Setting Goals  

Word Count: 1,549

Entered into the January 2020 Round of:
Dear Me: Official WDC Contest  (E)
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