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by Kev
Rated: 18+ · Essay · Biographical · #2210067
A short auto-biography
My name is Kevin Green. (The e-mail is my D&D characters) I was born in 1965. I currently live in Springfield, Mo. and work at Bass Pro Shops. The following is completely honest, that's rare for my writing style because I usually put a sarcastic or tongue-in-cheek spin on things.

I was considered the weird kid in school. During grade school I was constantly picked on and had no friends. Things started to get better in middle school and high school. By the end of ninth grade I actually had friends at school and the girl I had been crushing on for two years told me that I was number one on her list from the computer dating questionnaire the school had had us fill out. My family moved to the other end of the state the next week.

I was back to square one. I wasn't actively bullied or picked on, but I was an outsider with no real capacity to make friends. Something snapped and I did something I'll always regret. The details aren't so much unimportant as completely misleading in what they say about who I am now. The end result is I wound up in a maximum security mental hospital at the age of 16.

Life in the hospital wasn't that bad, even though I was a scrawny teenager, my intellect made me appear much older. It also helped that I was never on any psychotropic medication. While I had personality defects galore, I never was diagnosed with a mental illness. Through a series of fortunate breaks I lucked into a rather unusual path to release. Only a year later than I normally would have started I found myself enrolled at the local liberal arts college.

For the next three years I lived at the hospital and attended classes during the day. My senior year I was allowed to live in the dorm at school. I was able to fit in with the other guys and even made one good friend. Romantically, however, I never even came close to going on a date; a trend that would continue on.

To shorten this up, after graduation I tried grad school. Failed. Wound up back at the hospital. Tried grad school again. Failed. Got a job at Bass Pro and spent the last 20+ years in limbo. No friends other than work acquaintances; the only social life I have at all is I've played D&D with some of the guys at work for the last year or so.

Since I didn't go to high school I never took driver's ed. and never got my license. In the Midwest no vehicle pretty much means you don't go anywhere. That is only one of many hurdles preventing me from dating. At this point I'm pretty much resigned to never getting involved in a romantic relationship.

Even if you ignore my totally inept social skills, I don't have anything really to talk to with my co-workers. I'm a non-fisherman working in the fishing department. I'm a liberal leaning moderate surrounded by Trump supporters. And, worst, I'm a 'militant' agnostic (I don't know and neither do you) surrounded by Evangelicals.

I'm here to try and get practice putting my thoughts into words. I would like to be able to support myself with writing someday, but I know that it is highly unlikely. It's probably just a dream, but I would love to write a (highly fictionalized) autobiography.

Feel free to contact me, but be warned, don't count on a prompt response. I'm currently really slow at writing and really need to practice my speed. I also have a tendency to get depressed and unable to do anything. So if you don't hear from me promptly I'm not intentionally blowing you off.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2210067