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You wake, somewhere, and you would rather be anywhere else

It was cold, that was the only way you could describe it. The air was cold, the floor was cold, the walls were cold, those big heavy chains were cold... It was all cold, and dark, you couldn't see anything at all, all there was was black, and cold... It was unbelievably quiet, scarily quiet. There was absolutely no sound, not even the sound of breathing and it was deafening, and, black, and cold... Finally, you could stand it no more, you had to hear something, anything. You pulled your chains, nothing. You then violently shook your entire body, silence. All you could feel was the cold, no pain, just never ending cold. You then screamed in all of your agony, still no sound, then you cried out, it was then that you realized that it was not that there was no sound, it was that you had no hearing, or ears in general. After a long time of checking you realized you had none of the common senses, there was only cold. Only cold...

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