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I know two vets and have heard two different experiences from the war, one is from my father the other is from the grandfather of my mate, we just call him grandpa.

My dad went to Vietnam. He tells a story of having trained with a tracker unit. He didn't graduate but he arrived in country with a group of trackers. He just added himself to them. They would have worried if there was one less than there should be but they didn't seem to care that there was one more. He managed to earn a place among them by spotting an enemy sniper during a field training mission. The main thing other than that my father talked about bedding down beneath the mortars. He is nearly deaf at this point, even with two hearing aids.

Grandpa's talks much more about his experiences, but his main story is about the two infirmary lines. One for regular sick calls, and the much longer one to handle more "intimate" problems that may or may not have originated with the natives. He doesn't admit to using that line but he is still a man.

All that shared I want to thank them and all the other vets for their service!
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