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This is a second person perspective Recreation of one signer’s experience with the UFO.
Entering the ship, you can see about 6 people have already arrived on the ship.

It’s quite warm for January, and the air has a nice apple cider smell to it. Unfortunately the Metalic alloy Walls do bleed through that nice scent. This all gives a final, apple wrapped in tin foil, smell that you could definitely do without.

Moving away from the smell, the things that catch your eye the most, besides the crazy amount of colorful lights. Holographic technology, and excessive amount of Fog, is that big jerk you met in the waiting lobby. His name is Clade and he really needs to step down. “Your nose looks like a branch, liar”? Your nose is short and a slight darker shade of tan than the rest of you yet he still uses that every time against you and it gets annoying.

After sitting down in your seat you hear Clade yell, “Hey nose branch! How did you get on this ship? Did you Lie your way to it?!”

That was a really bad one, and you knew it. But, after he calmed down and stopped laugh, for once... you could finally enjoy the view of space and learn that the Earth, is in fact, round after all.

After a little while of waiting and listening to small bits of chit chat, a hologram pops up stating it has already been over 5 hours since the ship started orbit, and now they were going to the local Portal station. Portal station? What is that? Eh who cares, it’s probably just some mumbo jumbo alien tech. But shortly after this hologram popped up, you did in fact see a station with a portal device. The portal was grand massive and looked like a thing straight out of Ready player one. But nope, it was real alright, and the future is now.

As the ship lands near the station, for refueling and final check up a hologram said, you exited and found aliens of many kinds each looking... extremely strange, even surpassing what you were expecting... like... is that the blob? With a brain?

Ouch... you realize just how much your knees strained after sitting for so long. But you can still walk, and as you continue walking, you find the final check up station, where you take your backpack and set it on the... Scanner... anyway as you move your your way into the, what you presume is the UFO equivalent of an airport metal detector, an alarm goes off and you are rushed by a Guard into an office room that you didn’t even notice.

The hallway was dark as the office door opened and you were pushed right in, twisted to the right, and sat down right into a chair surrounding a dim room.

Wait... what did you do wrong? Where did they take you? What’s going on?! And just then another alien appeared from your blind spot and sat down on a chair near yours. No table, no mirror, not even a fully lit room. Just you and this Alien sitting across from you.

“What are your purposes of signing up?” The alien said. “Hold on how do you understand me, more importantly, how do I understand you? And also why am I here?!” you said. “This is why, the Guard snatched it off you while they took you here.” The alien replied, and as it said that it showed you a Tracking device, that also served as a communicator. “We understand that governments of your kind are not friendly towards outside forces of this scale. But we cannot accept this kind of treatment, sending a spy to learn weaknesses in our systems.” they said. Realizing you were caught, you stood up and told the truth. “I am very sorry for this behavior, I am the spy you suspected would be sent to try and sabotage the UFO structure, at least in this system.” “... alright here’s what is gonna happen, we’re gonna send you back home and on the ship you will find your bag. Inform your higher authority of this event and that any further action of sabotage of spying will result in your kind being marked as hostile, discontinuing recruitment on this planet, and removing your system from the systems we mark as Protected.” The alien said back, after processing a bit you listened and went to the exit bay, boarding a ship and receiving your Backpack back.

As you flew off the station and began flying back to earth, you couldn’t help but think... maybe Clade was right assuming you lied your way on to the ship.

This has been a warning by the UFO, do not engage in further spy missions and sabotaging operations, we will not take kindly to this.

(Disclaimer everything written here is Fiction, again, do not look for a Building, or holographic sign that does not exist.)
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