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A few thoughts on how short days, rain, trails and tribulations make us better people.
One of the things I most dislike about December, and there are a few things about December that I do not like, is how dark it gets so early. We had 07 hours 49minutes 37 seconds of daylight -- folks went to work in the dark and came home in the dark.

It is a pleasure to have the longer days of sunlight, and that is not an endorsement for daylight savings time which I also dislike and does not make a lot of difference in how I function. The wisdom of someone decided that it would give us an hour more of daylight. REALLY! Shoving the clock forward or backward DOES NOT change the length of the day. I know we are smarter than that. Instead, we are forced to endure someone else's insanity.

How many of us automatically wake up at 5:00 without an alarm regardless of whether the clock back or sprung forward? Your body operates on that inner clock all day.

Your body was probably trined many years ago to know exactly when it was 5:00 a.m. and no matter what you do to the clock, your body knows. So, why mess with the clocks?

LOL, I am not sure why I got off on this tangent today, but when I woke up at 5:00 a.m. The sun had not risen, and I thought about yesterday's post and it made me smile. Whether I saw it or not, somewhere there was a sunrise, and I am still glad that I was able to do the same. I did it again this morning, and I am ecstatic that I get to see another day and to try to do a better job than I did yesterday.

I got to speak to an older gentleman, war vet, yesterday, and he was not really complaining against the rain, but he was almost emphatic that rainy days were not so nice, and he wished all of his days would be like yesterday around 2:00 p.m. By the time he left the IHOP, he was smiling and looking up at the sky wishing for rain. That was my happiest moment of the day.

Why? Well, I persuaded him to think about what he would do if there was never any rain. I talked about a long walk in the rain with someone you loved. Then we talked about our love for trees and how they required water to share their true beauty. I also asked him about time growing up when there was a drought and crops died in the fields, and when farm animals dropped dead in the fields because of no water.

Sometimes, we dislike what we most need to keep us going, just like the rain. Sunny days are awesome and just may be my favorite, but I learned in college that a walk in the rain holding hands with my sweetheart made the rain oblivious. I also learned that sometimes it is okay to go with taking castor oil when I was a kid and had no choice but to do it.

No one likes unpleasant things, but sometimes those very unpleasant things contribute to our success, well being and health. The amputee cries, sweat, and stick to learning how to walk with the new legs or arms because it will help for future endeavors. We, too, are better by going through things that aren't always peaches and cream.

Think about it short days help to reset my inner clock. Rain gives us water and helps things grow. Trial and tribulations help us to be better people and how to cope.

So, learn to take the good with bad, and the bitter with the sweet. You will be a much better person because of both if you learn how to accept, work with, and take the best from both.

Peace and blessings to you always.
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