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Rated: E · Short Story · Comedy · #2210120
After accidentally ripping her skirt,a young woman tries to prevent anyone finding out.
"Come on,you fit a few weeks ago,why won't you fit now," said twenty-three year old Mary Jones as she tried to make her short black swirly skirt fit over her hips and behind.

The young woman had always had a slightly curvaceous figure but in recent weeks,had been eating too many biscuits and cakes without noticing her hips and backside seemed to be increasing in size.

Eventually,after a long struggle,the skirt finally fit as Mary then checked her watch and realised that she was going to be late for work and rushed to her car.

After making it just in time,the young blond's morning passed without incident and went out to her lunch.

While on her way back to the office building,Mary noticed a ten pound note and bent over to pick it up when she suddenly heard a RIP sound.

The young woman turned around and was horrified to see that the back of her skirt had ripped,exposing her bubble butt which was barely covered by small light blue panties.

The embarrassed Mary ran into a nearby alley way to think about what to do next when she suddenly remembered that her denim jacket was hanging over her chair at her desk and realised that she would have to try to sneak back without anyone seeing her underwear.

The young blond ran back to the building through the alley ways,using her hands to cover up the hole in her skirt and was soon inside despite hearing a few giggles as she went in.

Mary was about to head towards the lift when she heard her friend Keira calling her and went over to have a quick chat.

The two talked for a few minutes with the young woman barely avoided her friend seeing her pants before Keira then went to get her own lunch.

Mary then went over to the lift and was soon on her floor and got out of the lift as quickly as possible only for her to try to walk away but was pulled back as was shocked to discover that her underwear was caught in the lift door.

"You have got to be kidding me," said the young blond as she grabbed onto her pants and pulled and pulled until finally,they came free as she tumbled onto the carpet.

Mary quickly got back to her feet and rushed to her desk and finally grabbed her denim jacket and went into the bathroom and used it to cover up the hole in her skirt.

The end of the workday finally arrived and the young woman went to unlock her car when she accidentally dropped her keys and forgetting about the hole in her skirt,bent over to pick them up before hearing her best friend Maria saying, "Nice panties,Mary."

Mary felt humiliated as Maria walked over to her,hugged her and said, "don't worry,I promise not to tell anyone else and you're not the only one who's been eating too many biscuits and cakes,considering that I ripped my favourite dress last week."

The two friends then began laughing as they said goodbye to each other and the young blond soon arrived home and when asked about the hole in her skirt by her boyfriend Chris said, "it's a bit of a funny story," before telling him what happened .

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