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Stay strong and follow your heart.

We have definitely faced the moment of confusion in selecting our major in university or college. When we’re teenager, we barely think about our future, all we think about is having fun. Then reality start hit you when you reached your senior year at high school. Some are ready, some are not. Some are starting to prepare for their future, some still playing around. Those with good result in high school, people will often give them pressure by putting high expectation, while those with poor results, or average, people usually couldn’t care less. This brings pressure to both parties. You might think, those straight A’s student had their journey EASY. Any college would definitely accept them. Meanwhile, those average students must have it EASY as well because they don’t have the pressure of expectation.

As I grow up I learnt, that everyone has their own pressure. I was once very jealous of straight A’s students. They have friends, teachers like them, everyone notice them… but I don’t see their hardship in achieving those A’s. I learnt they cope the pressure of must be the BEST in everyone eyes, the pressure of high expectation from everyone they care, they are coping the pressure of everyone’s judgement if he or she make a mistake and the pressure of afraid in making mistakes. Everyone seem too focus on their success than acknowledging their hardships. Then we have those average and poor students who seems couldn’t care less about education. Seeing how fun they are having hanging out with friends, no pressure in wanting to be the best. It is always play time with them. No. Just so you know, EVERYONE IS COPING WITH SOMETHING.

Dear brothers and sisters, we are living in society with many influences from family and friends. As a student once, I can bet most of you are in big dilema to pick your college major. What you’ve choose during high school may or may not be your passion or interest. What you want or your family wants may not be the same. Some end up following their parents’ choice and some end up having their freedom to choose. However, It is not necessarily said that what your parents chose for you are bad, and what you’ve chosen are good and vice versa. That is why God gave us the ability to think, speak, and feel. You do your own research on what you’re interested in, you think widely of what you will become after you chose your major. Speak to your parents, discuss with them thoroughly, made a complete proposal if you have too, because no matter how strict your parents are they always wanted the best for their child. Follow your heart, feel it. Sometimes, your heart does make good decision.

To be honest, no matter what you choose, you will sometimes feel “I made a horrible mistake”. So what? Life is an ENDLESS JOURNEY. Even if you made mistakes there are always ways to re-do and re-make. So what if your friends bought house at age 25 while you’re still struggling looking for job? We might get our own house later, but look at the bright side, our house is brand new while theirs are old. But then see how we all have houses now. It does not matter WHEN you will achieve your goal, as long as you NEVER STOP in achieving it. Your journey isn’t just a straight line. It is a bumpy road, you will facing so many obstacles. Sometimes even your life long goals will change. It will be hard, yes. But it’ll make you stronger and more experienced. Then you could help others who are struggling as well.

Hence, your life is your choice. Choose the major you are very keen to work hard for. Choose the major you believe will give you satisfaction. The choice has always been in your hand. No one should interfere, even your parents. However, if you have strict parents, have a chat with them. They know their child the best, they’ll understand. Don’t be scared of changing your major half way, that’s just the starting obstacles you’ll face in life. The change may be good for you if you work hard on it. Don’t be afraid of being few step back from your friends, because good friends will always be waiting for you and support you no matter how way back you are. Don’t be afraid of failing, because that’s how you actually learn. Most importantly, do not compare yourself with others, because our strengths are difference. Learn your own strengths and weaknesses and work your strategy to success. And don’t forget to ALWAYS BE KIND.


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