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a fanfic.........................

Name: Yang Arkai
Nickname: Yin yang(cuz of his eyes)
Age: 15
Birthday: August 17th
Description: Short black messy hair with, a black and white eye, wears a white tee-shirt with a black leather jacket and black ripped up jeans with all white Nikes
Personality: short tempered, mean at times, shy,
Family/Background: Shadow Arkai(Dad/dead ) Yui Arkai(sister/dead), When Yang was 10 he saw his father and sister die before his eyes, He became more angry at people and more alone (omega)

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~classroom 1B~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"Class welcome the new student." Mr .Brian said as the door opened to me coming in

"Sup bitches i'm Yang Arkai the new run away and misfit at this school." Yang said as he flipped them off

"go sit down." Mr. Brian said

"sure thing Mr. Bitch." Yang said sitting in the back of the class

"so today class we are going to talk about murder if you don't want to raise your hand and i will talk to you about it." Mr .Brian said as Yang's hand shot up quickly

"hm the new kid ha." A boy said with red hair and blue eyes

"ok come on to the hall way." Mr.Brian said

"why do you not want to learn about murder?" He asked as Yang sighed and opened the door so everyone could hear what he said

"When i was ten my dad shadow Arkai that jackass and my so nice older sister Yui Arkai got murdered before my eyes." Yang said as he saw a boy with black hair and grey eyes walk out

"I was shot before and put in a coma." He told Mr. Brian as he nodded and told us to get our dorms

"Hey Yang i think we are in the same dorm. Oh and i'm Kito." Kito said as he handed me my dorm key as we walked in to the common room

"Nice to meet your ass i guess." Yang said heading to find his room

"wow nice too meet you to jackass." Kito said as he headed to the room Yang was in

"Bunk beds really." Yang mumbled sitting down on the bottom bunk

"so what's your story? I'm a run away from my family i remember was trying to find someone then getting shot and put in a coma" Kito said as he threw his bag down

''My dad beat me a lot, when i was ten another pack killed my father sister and left me there half way dead to watch them die and be helpless" Yang said as he sighed laying down on the bed

"Wow that's just tuff bro." Kito said as he climbed onto the top bunk

"Meh its not that bad cuz i mean he is dead but so is my sister." he said as he took my jacket off

"put a shirt on Yang." Kito said as he covered his eyes

"Fine." Yang said as i threw on a hoodie and sighed

"there was one more room who else is in this dorm?" Yang asked

"Hm oh its my older brother Asu." Kito said

"Ok he better not be like your ass or else ima kill myself." Yang said as he changed into a striped sweater that was black and white

"emo bitch." Asu said as he closed the door

"i'm not emo, its just my style." Yang said throwing his hoodie on the floor

"Asu be nice to the kid, Asu this is Yang. Yang this is Asu." Kito said

"I already hate his ass." Yang said as he grabbed his sisters old hoodie

" A pink hoodie psh." Asu said laughing

"its my sisters she died...................it was my father fault she died........" he stopped talking curling myself up on my bunk and crying into the blankets

"Asu look what you did." Kito said as he climbed down and set on my bunk

"im sorry its just-" Asu explained as Yang cut him off

"S-shut up " he said as he slowly took the hoodie off

"Ay im trying to not fight with you but ok bitch." Asu said as he left

"yet you just did mate." Yang said as sighed leaning onto the bed rail

"I wouldn't make him mad he is the alpha at this school......" Kito said

"Alpha? You mean like the schools alpha?" Yang asked

"Kinda like that." Kito said

"Well i should die then cuz im a omega." Yang mumbled to him as Asu overheard

"Omega huh well then i maybe be nicer or meaner yang." Asu said as he Snarled

"Oi Mate what the fuck did i do to you It was not my fault my dad is the alpha of the Malin pack until he was killed and that pack fell apart." Yang snarled at him

"Woah wait malin pack!" Kito shouted as Asu turned away and walked out

"Yea my sister was going to be the beta and i was going to be the Alpha until my dad started to blame me for my mother running off and he beat me every time i did something or was out to long." Yang explained

"That's tuff i mean abuse is hard to go through." Kito said as he nodded

"Sure is even at a young age is hard to go through cuz you have that image stuck in your mind." Yang explained

"Yea even getting shot put a image of all the blood and shit you had to go through." Kito added in

"Hm i was out in a coma before." Yang said thinking back to that day

"Why?" Kito asked as he turned to him

"My dad beat me tell i was bloody." Yang softly mumbled and sighed

"Hm very...um Depressing." Kito said and layed down

"Meh its better than that shit." Yang said and nodded

"COOKIE!" Yang shouted and ran out the door

"YANG those are Asu's cookies." Kito said and sighed

"Ugh KITO why is there an omega eating my cookies!" Asu shouted as he growled

"M-my ears." Yang mumbled dropping the cookie in his mouth as he covered his ears then started whining

"Right my growing hurts omega's ear." Asu muttered and stopped

"Yang it stopped.'' Kito said as he nodded

''i-it did?" Yang asked lightly as he slowly took his hands down from his ears blood slowly leaking down from them

''oh shit'' Kito muttered as he looked at yangs ears

''what?" He turned my head to Kito as he bit his lip

''your ears are bleeding.'' Asu replied as he took a paper towel and wiped at his ears

''ow ow ow ow ow'' Yang yelped as his ears started to ring

''Better?" Asu asked as he looked at yang who was covering his ears

''No.'' Yang responded

''No?" Kito looked at yang again as he slowly removed his hands from his ears

''I'm sorry." Yang sighed lightly and walked slowly towards the door

''you're sorry?" Asu mumbled as he turned his head to look at Yang

"d-dang it" Yang slowly put his hands over his chest panting to breathe

''Yang?" Kito looked at yang as he walked slowly over to him

''h-help'' *Yang mumbled as he panted and fell onto the floor

''Yang? Hey yang what's going on man?" Asu walked over to Yang as he bent down and looked at him

''p-panic a-a-attack" Yang tried to grab at his heart and started to fall onto Asu and Kito

''He is unconscious?!" Asu yelled as he started to grab Yang and pick him up

''Wait he is?! Shouldn't we take him to the nurse?!" Kito asked as he watched Asu bring Yang to the dorm room

''We just have to wait" Asu said as he set Yang down

Yang shook lightly as he twisted and turned still struggling to breathe as he opened his eyes and gasped for air he stared at Asu and Kito that fell asleep. He tried to breathe as he got up dizzy and grabbed onto the bed frame as he breathed in and out. Letting go of the pole and tried to wake up Asu.

''A-asu?" He mumbled as he poked Asu's side

''What?!" Asu opened his eyes and look at Yang

''C-c-can you go get me w-water?" Yang asked as he weakly sat back down

'Oh it's you, yeah i can go get you water." Asu said as he got up and walked out

't-thanks" Yang said and smiled as Asu handed him the cup of water

"No problem" Asu muttered as he laid back down on his own bunk

''Night' Yang mumbled as he took a sip of water and set it down on the tabe next to him

''night'' Asu whispered as he started to doze off

Yang woke up as he threw off the blankets and grabbed an sweatshirt and jeans to change into. He sighed walking out and fixing the top of the sweat shirt. Yang slowly turned his head to Asu and Kito walking out of the bedroom.Yang walked over to the kitchen and set the cup into the sink as Kito grabbed a bag of chips and sat down by Asu.

''So what happened last night yang?!" Kito asked as he looked at him

''It was um its was an normal panic attack for me, but for you that's an anxiety attack" Yang explained
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