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by Norman
Rated: 13+ · Poetry · Philosophy · #2210220
Do I love money too much?
The love of money is the root of all evil
Or so the old saying goes
And unrequited love is a bitch
As everybody knows

Do I love money far too much?
And is that such a shame?
If loving money is a sin
Well, I guess I share the blame

Should I spend my life in poverty?
In squalor and despair?
Some say that it’s the thing to do
Then I wouldn’t have a care

But could I really live like that?
Is that the way to go?
I think there is a better path
Then to live a life of woe

So loving money is my goal
And hope she feels the same
Much better to have loved and lost
Then not be in the game

I’m sure there are some courser sins
Then the simple one of greed
I’m sure you’ve done some darker things
Of that you must concede

So send me all your money now
Just give me all you’ve got
Then you will the noble one
While I will surely not

And if I am the evil one
I’ll bear the burden well
If money is my one true love
Then I’ll be rich in hell
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