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Have you ever Fallen in love before? What would you do if you like someone?
Look there are some people in the world who are heartbreaks, others are the ones who gets their heart broken by them. Just know there is a right time when love will find you. Love doesn't always come around early. Most of the time love takes a while to find you, that why most people gave up. Even though they give up that doesn't mean that you shouldn't give up to because by giving up, it doesn't make you stronger but weaker. This is my story on how I found love but end up getting heartbroken. It was back in 7th grade. Their was this one boy who I had fallen in love with since 6th grade. It was picture day when I told him how I felt. The day before picture day, I was so scared and didn't know what was going to happen. When it was time, I was super scared and I felt like something was going to happen but something big. I had ask one of my friends to give him the letter. When he gave Eric the letter, Eric gave it to another boy, who end up opening it and that boy had started to read it when he saw Eric name. He call Eric and he went over and read it. Then I tried to look for him but I did not see him. That when I saw a group of people and realize that they were all looking at the letter I had made for him. Then there was this boy who came up to me and said ¨I know that was you¨. I did not know what he was talking about, when he said ¨ I know, you were the one who wrote that letter, right?" I was surprises that someone had know my writing. I had told that it was not me but he did not believe it. Ever since that day, picture day always reminds me of what had happened. Now I am here still single but that does not mean that I should give up. Ever since I told him how I felt, it has only made me stronger day by day. Knowing that one day I will find the right one, and that might be soon because there was this boy who just join our school a few months ago. His name is Emanuel but he like people to call him Manny. We had touch hands before and even looked at each other eyes for few seconds and then we both look way. This all happened during a games we were play together. Well everything was going well for now. As the day went by my love for him was starting to fall. There was something that my eye´s had capture. It was my crush from 7th grade. Out of nowhere my feeling´s that I had for him, back then was returning back. My love for Manny was dying out. Day´s later I had falling for Eric. All that was happening was so much to take in. As if there was sign telling me that Eric is the one who being looking for my whole life. There were many times were we had to work together with two others. It was my chance to get closer to him. One day during ELA our teacher had puts us into groups. One of friends was there, this annoy boy and my crush. I was happy that I get to work with him again. While working, Alex had ask me to help him look for evidence but I had remember, I had forgotten my book in my locker. Alex had gotten mad at me because I was´t helping him. I got him I had forgotten my book in my locker. That when a book was being past to me. I had look up to realize it was Eric. Eric had let me use his book to help Alex. At that moment I had felt as the whole world was frozen. Only me and Eric being the only ones moving. After many day and week went by. There was something different that could change my life. My crush Eric was staring at me.  But why? I didn't know. I ask Rosa ¨ Is staring at me¨ She said ¨Eric is staring right this way¨. At the point I had thought there something on me but that was´t the cause because after many day he kept looking at me and when I caught him he would look away. I thought that this could be my chance to be with him. What if he loves me back? There was one day when I heard something but I had heard it wrong though. I had drop off my friend at her classroom. On my way back I saw him puts his arms around another girl. I would believe what I just saw. Did I mistake him and think that he would love me. As I went on I had told my friends what happen. They were comforting me and to just forget him. But how could I forget him. On Saturday I was trying to forget him and that when I had found his snap-chat. I show one of my friends and of course she add him. We end up seeing his story. There was a picture of him and there two videos of him and the girl who I had seen with him hugging. Then there two arrows pointing saying that we are just friends. But it did not look as if they were friends. Until now I still have a crush on him. There might be a chance for him and me but who knows. Just as I said don´t give up love and kept going on. Someday love will be at your front door or might even be around the Conner waiting for you. When you find a heart-breaker just know that they been though a heart break as well. At least everyone has fallen in love or was in fall with someone.
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