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      Issue 1

I don’t want to be here. A place where dreams are killed and enslaved.


Hashi: “Y-yes sir?”

“Get your blue-haired ass out of the clouds and listen to your orders!”

Hashi: “Yes Sir!”

“Good grief, your grandfather owes me a lot for letting you of all people on this ship. Now as I was saying you are to help guard the cells of the mythics. Don’t touch anything or do anything stupid.”

Hashi: “Yes Sir.”

I took the weapon from him and went to stand at my post. I could barely hold this thing knowing that it’s the same type of weapon that kills mythics.

I made it to my post and the first thing I noticed was the uncleaned walls and floors. Do these people have no shame. I refuse to even acknowledge the claw marks everywhere.

“Oh is that the sympathizer?”

“Well I’ll be damned, it is him. Who else would dye their hair that color?”

Well I should except this. Just smile and wave Hashi, smile and wave.

Hashi: “Why hello, fellow crew-mates.”

“So we’re stuck with you huh? Oh well, as long you do your job, we won’t have to throw you in with those creatures.”

Hashi: “You have nothing to worry about. I’ll just stand here and do nothing.”

“You better.”

*Sigh*  Hope they ignore me until we get to the island.

What am I doing here? Wearing their uniforms, holding their weapons. Why did things end up this way.


“We are being attacked! Everyone to your battle stations!”

And here I thought I could just stand here. The other guards hurried to their stations.

“You! Just stay there and keep those creatures contained.”

Hashi: “Roger that.”

I say in the most unenthusiastic voice possible. His irritated face was worth the effort. At least I get to stay put.  The only ones that would attack this ship is those that still fight for the mythics and I don’t want to fight them. I slump down with my weapon and wait for the explosions to end.

*15 Minutes in* 

This is actually getting unbearably. My ears feel like they are about to burst. Just when I was about blank out I see a tightly dressed girl? Boy? Run past me.

“What are you doing Hashi! Chase her!”

You told me to stay put though. I reluctantly got up and chased them. I don’t have much of a choice.

Hashi: “Yes Sir.”

“We have to hurry, she’s trying to free the big guy.”

Big guy?

“Damn, a split. You go left and I go right.”

I nodded and started down the path and not even 5 minutes in I needed to take off my uniform, it was boiling down here. I continued with only my blue t-shirt and black pants.

After around some more time and explosions I found the guy we’re looking for. I have no intention of hurting them so I just quietly followed.

It seemed that they felt this heat too and so they took off the mask to reveal a girl with short black hair.

After some time we finally came to the room emanating all that heat and we found a-

“Lord Dragon.”

A-Honest-to-God-Dragon! I can barely contain my excitement, I saw them on TV but never in real life and not alive.

But something is wrong, where’s his wings?

“Hashi what are you doing!?”

Startled I look towards the captain and I was not the only one. The girl looked at him and then at me.

“Look out!”

The girl rushed me with a sword, I put up the weapon to defend myself. Darn it, I did not want this to happen.

“You will not stop me.”

She’s not weak, I was forced to my knees. She knocked away my weapon and was about to stab me but I heard a shot ring out and then she fell, dead.

“You okay.”

You killed her?


Why did you have to kill her?


Why are you-


I snapped out of it and noticed the captain’s outstretched hand, I took it.

“She must have been one of those Dragon worshipers. Keep your thoughts clear and I won’t have to put you down too.”

Hashi: “Yes.”

I understand.

The captain went to the phone on the wall.

“Hello! Someone tell me the situation.”

“Sir! We are getting overwhelmed here. We can survive but not without losing mythics and going back to base for repairs and to resupply.”

“Negative! Shoot them to the island.”


“We must complete this mission and I rather have these creatures die at sea then get rescued by those terrorists.”

“Yes sir.”

“Hopefully they get to the island, command would not be pleased losing these particular mythics to the sea. Come on Hashi this room will soon be shot towards one of the god islands.”

The captain hanged up and motioned towards the exit. I looked back to the Dragon. Why must it be like this?

As I was about to exit my feet was gripped by something.


The Door closed with the captain safely on the ship. The countdown to the ejection began. I tried to get out of her grip but she still had strength left.

“You shall give strength to the Dragon.”

As a snack?!

I looked back and saw the captain gone. I guess I was expendable. The grip loosened enough for me to fall out of it.

The girl looked at me smiling and then died right in front of my eyes.


The room shook and then boom, a sudden force propelled me towards the end of the room. My body felt crushed by force of inertia so much so that I thought I would die but after some more shaking I felt a massive jolt and the ride was over. I struggled to get up, I felt like I did not even have legs but after struggling I forced myself up and walk towards the exit to see where I was.


Before I could reach the handle, the whole door was ripped off and at that instant my heart both leaped with excitement and sank with fear. Before me was an Azure Dullahan, Yellow Kirin along with a Female Arachnid and they did not look happy to see me.

      Issue 2 

I don’t even know if I want be here anymore. They’re just looking at me, at least say something!

The Dullahan looks at the dragon and then back at me and then-

Grabs me?


He throws me on the hard sandy ground of the beach.

Dullahan- “There are only suppose to be 5 of us, why are you here?

Five? Aren't there five already. I look closer and notice a small girl behind the spider woman. Oh no.

Dullahan- “Who are you?”

I can’t tell them I’m human, they might-

Arachnid- “I say we just kill him. There is no way they would send 6 mythics to take out a God. All the great ones are already dead, so he must be a human.”

Gasp. What am I going to do to?! No one has ever looked at me with such disgust.

Dullahan- “No, he could be a mythic. That little one around your leg looks human, want me to stick her head on a pike?”

???- “!!!”

Arachnid- “!!”

Arachnid- “I dare you to do something to her!”

What have I got myself into? Two mythics are about to fight and I’m right in the middle of it.

Dullahan- “I won’t do anything, now back away.”

Arachnid- “Tch, fine. So, what are you?

What am I going to say? What mythic did I always want to be?

Dullahan- “Well.” (Drawing sword)

Hashi- “A-a mage!”

???- “Really!”

Arachnid- “Impossible.”

Dullahan- “I see.” (Sheaths sword)

Whew. I hope that extends my life a bit further. Huh-


That little girl just hugged me.

Arachnid- “Kaitlynn what are you-”

Kaitlynn- “But Arrea, his a mage. Like me.”

Arrea- “He could be lying, like how all humans do.”

Kaitlynn- “But, I thought I was the only one left.”

Arrea- “I-I know.” (Looking downcast)

This girl is witch, wow. I never thought I would see one. She smaller then I thought, pretty sure I could carry her. She also has beautiful short braided light brown hair. I wonder if Arrea did her hair.

Kaitlynn- “Are there any more out there?”

Ah, I really don’t want to lie to her. I look away and blurted out my answer. 

Hashi- “Uh, yeah! There’s more.”

Kaitlynn- “*Sparkling eyes*”

Arrea- “Mmmmmmm?”

I guess Arrea doesn't believe me.

Dullahan- “If you two are done-”

Kaitlynn- “Oh, sorry. After we get going teach me some of your magic.”

Hashi- “Uh, sure.”

Oh, great.

Dullahan- “Okay so you’re a mage. Doesn't explain why there are 6 of us for this mission.”

Oh, I forget about. Think Hashi, think!

Arrea- “Can I string him up just in case.”

Kaitlynn- “No Arrea.”

Arrea- “Don’t worry he won’t die.”


Arrea- (Under her breath) “Yet.”

I heard that!

Dullahan- “No, we’ll met up with our supervisor. He’ll decide his fate.”

I’m saved.

Dullahan- “If he falls behind or proves himself human, then you can kill him.”

I’m doomed.

Arrea- “Good.”

Arrea walks over to me with those 8 sharp legs that could tear through my body and whispers to me.

Arrea- “If I find out you’re a human and that you lied to Kate, I’ll string you up and skin you alive. I might even lay eggs in your skinless husk of a body so they can eat their way out of you. Won’t that be nice?”

*Shakes head violently*

Arrea- “Wonderful!”

Arrea leaves back to Kaitlynn and I’m left alone close to passing out. Maybe it would’ve been better to die by that women.

Dullahan goes back into that room with the Dragon and looks him over.

Dullahan- “You poor thing. It seems he’s still sleeping. We’ll just have to stay around the area until he awakes. Then we’ll go to the area where the supervisor will meet us.”

Arrea- “Whatever.”

Kaitlynn- *Nod*

Dullahan- “Come Kirin, we’ll look ahead.”

Wow, I didn't get a good look at the Kirin but it’s magnificent. Such ethereal emerald fur and horn. Now that I have time to gather myself, I’m actually in the mist of mythics. The same beings from my dad’s stories. I would love to talk more to them but I’m too scared. They hate humans and the second they learn the truth I’m dead. This is the best and worst day of my life.

Kaitlynn- “I should have known you was a mage.”

Hashi- “Uh.”

Kaitlynn, she must have more questions huh.

Wait if she’s here-

Arrea- “Mmmmm!”

I really can’t miss this up.

Kaitlynn- “You must be a mage, no humans has natural blue hair. Only male mages have blue hair.”

Hashi- “Haha, yep. I’m no human.”

That’s why I dyed my hair and here I thought it could get me nothing

but ridiculed. 

Kaitlynn- “So what spells do you know?”

Hashi- “Haha-what?”

Kaitlynn- “Spells. I don’t know many because-”

Kaitlynn- “Well, I don’t know many so I’m excited to know any new ones.”

What was that sudden lifeless look. Well no wonder she seeks more knowledge, it’s like water to witches and a requirement to reproduce. If a witch does not have sufficient knowledge to pass on she’s not allowed to reproduce. I’d hug this poor girl if it wasn't for Arrea shooting daggers at me.

Hashi- “I-I don’t know any spells.”

Kaitlynn-  “Uh?! Why not!”

Come on work with me here.

Hashi- “Because I was never taught any. I have no books with me to self teach either.”

Kaitlynn- “I see. I should have expected as much. You properly didn’t have the time. Why do humans hate us, we look just like them.”

Hashi- “Kaitlynn-”

Kaitlynn- “No, call me Kate. Your my family now, we need to stick together. So, I’ll teach you magic.”

Kate, I don’t know if I can keep lying to this girl. Wait a minute, what did she say? Teach me magic. Is that possible?

Hashi- “A-are you sure?”

Kaitlynn- “Yes!”

Wow, I am actually going to become a mage. Not just lying but for real. I might become just like them!

Arrea- “Kate!”

Kaitlynn- “Yes, Arrea?”

Arrea comes over to us. Wait what’s happening, it’s getting very hot all of a sudden.

Arrea- “Get behind me Kate, it seems the dragon is awake.”

We look towards the room the dragon is in and watched it melt in front of us. It was surreal.

The air became hotter than before and soon the entire room was melted down and even the sand was turning to glass. The dragon arose out of his confinement and shot a massive fire blast towards the sky signaling his awakening. I had to hide behind Arrea to dodge the falling balls of fire. Despite the danger it was a sight to behold.

After some time the Dragon stopped and looked at us. It was big and marvelous even without his wings. Still I wonder what happened to them.

Arrea- “What kind of god is on this island, to require such a beast.”

Dragon- “Is this to be my aid?”

      Issue 3

I’m so glad that I’m here. I get to see a living Dragon and he’s actually talking to us and just like the myths say he talks directly to the mind.

Kaitlynn- “Arrea…”

Arrea- “Stay back Kate.”

Arrea puts her hand in front of Kaitlynn to protect her from danger but she soon finds me also hiding behind her.

Arrea- “What the? Why are you behind me!?”

Hashi- “I want to live too, you know.”

Arrea- “I don’t care, how about you make yourself useful and offer yourself to the Dragon.”

Hashi- “No way!”

Arrea- “You have no choice!”

Arrea shots out a web and yanks me towards the Dragon, forcing me to land on the ground getting a mouth full of sand.

Kaitlynn- Hashi!

Area- “Don’t worry, he won’t die. (Holding Kaitlynn back)”

Kaitlynn- “Really?”

Arrea- “I’ll save him, if it comes to it.”

I doubt that. I got up and looked back at the two who are holding their thumbs up like I got this. 

I looked up at the Dragon and almost broke my neck trying to see his face, I backed up a bit to attempt a conversation that would not endanger me.

Hashi- “H-hello. What’s your name?”

The Dragon looks at me, at the two behind me, then into the distance and finally brought his face directly to mine causing me to swell with excitement and terror.

Dragon- “I see. My name is Albeis.”

Albeis brings his face back to the sky.

Hashi- “What do you mean by I see.”

Dragon- “In time, Hashi.”

Did I tell him my name? Whatever, I’m a bit happy that a Dragon knows my name.

I look again at his wingless back and wondered the cause but I thought it would be a bit rude to ask. I wouldn't want to be turned into burnt meat.

Dullahan- “I see that you’re awake Albeis.”

Dullahan appears with the Kirin from the bushes.

Albeis- “Dullahan.”

Dullahan- “I see you Dragons still have a strong sense of smell. I was pretty far away. I’m impressed.”

Albeis- “...”

Dullahan- “So, do you know what god is on the Island? If one of the last Dragons is sent to kill it, it must be powerful.”

Albeis- “I don’t know. It’s most likely in the volcano, beneath the island.”

Dullahan- “I expected as much. Let’s get this over with.”

The Dragon, Dullahan and Kirin begin to move towards the center of the island through the jungle, leaving us behind like they forgot our existence.

Arrea- Come on Kate.

Kaitlynn- Okay, Arrea. You too Hashi.

Hashi- Right.

I follow the group into the jungle.

I ended up in the back while Kaitlynn stuck to Arrea and the others far ahead. I start to collect my thoughts and after a while I came to the reality that I’m helping the mythics kill each other. If this keeps up, they all may go extinct. I don’t want be a part of this, but…

I stop in my tracks and close my eyes.

What choice do I have? I can’t, no, I refuse to go back to my grandfather and those monsters in the military. But, if I stay here with them I’ll either get caught in my lie and killed or help in the murder of one of the last gods in the world and the extinction of the once great race of mythics.

My eyes become blurry with tears. I fill crushed by these choices that seem to have no answer. Should I…

Just end it. This world holds nothing for me anymore, all my hopes and dreams lay in ruin. I can’t be like you dad, I’m sorry.

I was about to turn around towards a watery grave before I felt a small hand grab my own.

Kaitlynn- “Please don’t Hashi.”

Hashi- “Kate...”

Kaitlynn- “I know that look. I don’t want to lose you too. W-whatever it is y-you can talk to me.”

Despite her words, she’s shaking like a leaf. Trying so hard to be strong for me, I’m sorry Kate, I can’t tell you anything.

I move my hand away and look at Kate who seems to have some tears welling up too.

Hashi- “I won’t do anything Kate. Go back to Arrea.”

Kaitlynn- “Promise?”

Hashi- “I promise.”

Kaitlynn wipes her tears and nods.

Kaitlynn- “If you can’t talk to me, you can always talk to Arrea.”

Oh, Arrea.

I look towards her direction and notice her waiting for Kate but not the others.

Despite knowing I couldn't talk to Arrea I nodded and walked with Kate towards her.

Arrea- “You done?”

Hashi- “Yeah.”

Arrea- “Good, you made us fall behind. Let’s pick up the pace.”

I was sure she would yell at me. I guess she held back due to Kate. I guess I can’t kill myself yet. But, would that even solve anything. I just don’t know what to do anymore.

We made it back to Dullahan and the others. After that no words were spoken until nightfall. The awkward silence was deafening but I made it through without saying something stupid.

We made camp, if this is what counts as a camp.

The Dullahan went to a near by tree and laid down on the Kirin’s belly which looked soft as a cloud but did he even feel it with all that purple armor?

Albeis went far away and just curled up like a cat.

Kate and Arrea had the only fire going. I guess the others don’t need the heat. Arrea made a hammock made of webbing for Kate to sleep in while she made a spider web up in the tress above her. I guess so she can keep an eye on her like a guardian angel.

Leaving me to sleep with nothing but the hard, dirty, insect filled jungle floor. I would prefer to prolong my time away from that fate. Not everyone is sleep, maybe I could talk to one of them.

(You guys can decide who Hashi talks to. I want to structure this like a RPG or visual novel since I would like to make this into one someday. To vote for who Hashi speaks to(or gets closer to), type one of following:

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      Issue 4

      (Default Option Taken: 1)


      My safest option is Kate, besides she hasn't taught me any magic yet. I walk towards Kate.

      Hashi- “Hey, Kate.”

      Kate- “Hey, Hashi. Feeling better?”

      Hashi- “Yeah, just wondering when you’re going to teach me some magic.”

      Kate’s eyes lit up, she jumped out of the hammock and rushed to me and bowed. 

      Kate- “Sorry, I forgot! Let’s start now.”

      Hashi- “O-Okay.”

      Her enthusiasm took me for surprise, but I was also excited to see if I could learn magic too.

      Kate motioned me to sit near the fire with her on one side and me on the other. We both sat down and then she threw some strange powder into the fire and in an instant the fire exploded into a bigger blue flame causing enough noise that it caught the other’s attention.

      Dullahan- “Careful. We don’t want to draw any attention.”

      Kate- “Sorry.” (Rubbing her head in embarrassment)

      I turned to Dullahan.

      Hashi- “Draw attention? Is there more on the island beside the god?”

      Dullahan- *Sigh* “We’re not the only mythics here. The last free mythics on earth live on the God islands, we are to kill or capture them along with the main task.”

      So this is what has been happening while I was wasting away on that ship.

      Dullahan- “This must be your first time, you should know this already.”

      Hashi- “O-oh, yeah. This is my first time.”

      Dullahan- “...”

      Kate- “Hashi.”

      I turned away from Dullahan and back to my new teacher Kate.

      Kate- “Don’t think about that now. You need to focus.”

      Hashi- “Sorry, go on.”

      Kate- “First, we need to discover what type of magic you’re suited for. Look deep into the flame.”

      This is kinda exciting. I do as she says, trying to relax.

      Kate- “What do you see?”

      Hashi- “I don’t see anything but the fire.”

      Kate- “???”

      Kate- “Are you sure?”

      Hashi- “Yes.”

      Kate- “Maybe I-”

      Kate begins rummaging through her light brown shoulder bag she’s been carrying around.

      Kate got some more of that powder and was about to throw more on the fire.

      Dullahan- “Don’t.”

      Kate put the powder back into her bag a bit disappointed.

      Kate- “Sorry.”

      Kate- “I guess we have to do this a different way for now. Do you know how to control mana flow.”

      Hashi- “I know of it.”

      Kate- “I see, you must have lost the chance to learn even the basics.”

      Yeah, that’s the reason. I’m starting to find it hard to look her in the eyes again.

      Kate- “There are certain objects and places that naturally produce mana. We witches and some mythics produce mana naturally and can enhance ourselves more through connecting our mana flow with the mana flow those objects and places. You get it?”

      Hashi- “Yes.”

      All that time reading those books finally paid off.

      Kate took out a pocket watch and gazed at it for a moment.

      Kate- “This is-”

      Kate- “Well it does not matter, there’s a unique spell trapped in this. Use your mana flow and connect with it. You’ll know when you got it when it opens slightly. I’ve haven't been able to open completely but maybe you can. I’m very curious and excited to know what spell is in.”

      Despite saying that she does not look excited, just troubled. Kate handed me the pocket watch. I held it and tried to focus on opening it.

      Kate- “Imagine the energy from the watch and the energy from your body connecting and melding together as one.”

      I did as she asked and focused more intensely. Maybe if I’m able to learn magic, I could at least protect Kate from whatever comes. So, I need to open this!




      I opened my eyes to find that the watch remain closed. Immediately I felt disappointed in myself.

      Kate- “Don’t worry Hashi, there’s always tomorrow. Don’t stress.”

      Kate puts her small hand on my head and rubbed it. It felt embarrassing but also good. It was cute seeing small Kate acting all mature.

      Arrea- “Kate, it’s time for bed.”

      Arrea slid down on a string of web to bring this night to an end.

      Kate- “Okay Arrea.”

      Kate- “Goodnight, Hashi!”

      Hashi- “Goodnight Kate.”

      I walked back to my spot to sleep but this time I stayed a bit closer to the fire. While I was on my way, I locked eyes with Arrea who looked at me with scorn and hate while tucking Kate to bed. I looked away wondering why she hates me so. I took that question and what tomorrow might bring to bed, thinking on it until I feel asleep. 


The pocket watch resting in Kate’s bag produced a small crack.

      Issue 5

      I waked up with sores all over my body and some irritating bite marks. I look around to see everyone else up and ready to go. Kate was waiting for me just like last time. I brushed the dirt from cloths and ran towards Kate hoping to catch up.

      Kate: “Good morning Hashi, why didn't you sleep near the fire?”

      Hashi: “I didn't think that was an opinion.” (Glancing at the ever vigilante Arrea)

      Arrea: “It wasn't.”

      Kate: “Arrea you need to get along with Hashi.”

      Arrea: “...”

      Hashi: “It’s fine. Besides I’m wondering where we’re going?”

      Arrea: “We are heading to the volcano but I forgot to ask that Dullahan something, thanks to a certain person.”

      Hashi: “Right...”

      Arrea picks up her pace to catch up to Albeis and Dullahan. Kate and I follow.

      Arrea: “Dullahan! What happened to that search for the supervisor.”

      Dullahan: “I did not find him.”

      Arrea: “Don’t you think that something to mention.”

      Dullahan: “It does not matter. We’ll encounter him eventually.”

      Arrea: “If we don’t have a supervisor, then we could-”

      Dullahan: “What, escape?”

      We stop, Dullahan turns around and faces Arrea.

      Arrea: “I’ve never heard of a supervisor not being there when we hit the island.”

      Dullahan: “It’s probably because we were shot out of the ship.”

      Arrea: “It doesn’t matter, no supervisor means no chain around our necks! I say we leave the island.”

      Dullahan: “Those are dangerous words Arrea.”

      Arrea: “I don’t care, as long as I can protect Kate then it’s fine.”

      Dullahan: “If that’s what you think then you should keep on course. Your chances for survival are better fighting the god, then being hunted.”

      Arrea: “How so? We going to be killed once all the gods are dead anyway, when those humans have no more use for us!”

      What! That's what’s going to happen to everyone after this. I feel a hand grasping mine, looking down I see Kate holding on to me with a depressing look.

      Dullahan: “It’s a peaceful death.”

      Arrea: “I refuse to die.”

      Dullahan: “….”

      Arrea: “….”

      They just stood there for a moment before Dullahan drew his sword. Kirin also seemed to be in battle mode. Kate’s grip tighten.

      Dullahan: “Do you still want to leave?”

      Arrea: “!”

      Arrea backed up slightly when faced with that great sword but she held her ground.

      Arrea: “Are you that much of a slave to them that you would kill me?”

      Dullahan: “….”

      I was about to step in to stop this madness but then Arrea lost her tension.

      Arrea: “Fine, fighting you would endanger Kate anyway and I won’t let that happen.”


      Dullahan: (Sheaths sword)

      Dullahan: “Good. Lets continue.”

      Just like that everything went back to normal or as normal as it could be. Kate ran up to Arrea.

      Kate: “I’m fine as long as I’m with you Arrea.”

      Arrea: “Me too Kate” (Warmly smiles)

      Well I’m left in the back alone again but I’m fine with it.

      After some time we made it to what seemed like a shack in the middle of the woods. It was almost night but we decided to check it out.

      Dullahan: “Stay here Kirin, you too Albeis.”

      Albeis: (Nod)

      Dullahan opens the door which creaks loudly and what greeted us was a man shivering in the corner with no shirt and torn pants.

      Arrea: (Grinding teeth) “Not another human.”

      Arrea tries to kill him but Dullahan stops.

      Arrea: “Grr, what is it this time?! Don’t tell me it’s another mage.”

      Kate: (Smiling Gasp)

      Dullahan: “No.”

      Kate: (Frown)

      Dullahan: “We don’t know what he is, learn some patience Arrea.”

      Arrea: “What-”

      Dullahan approaches the man while Kate and I giggle a bit.

      Dullahan: “Are you the supervisor?”

      Man: “ G…a...a….f...m...f”

      Dullahan: “What?”

      Man: “G...”

      Dullahan: “?”


      We instantly stopped our giggling once we heard that blood freezing scream that seemed to rock the whole shack, even Dullahan took a step back.

      Man: “Stay away from me, you monsters!”

      Arrea: “You son of a-”

      Arrea was furious and was about to kill him but Dullahan stopped her again.

      Arrea: “Why!? This scum is obviously human.”

      Man: “That’s right I am human! Yet, I’m still hunted by my own and now I’m stuck on this monster infested island because of you!”

      Arrea: (Grinding teeth even more)

      The man got up like he was possessed and rushed Arrea grabbing a hold of her.

      Man: “GIVE ME MY LIFE BACK!!!!!”

      Arrea: “FUCK YOU!”

      Arrea threw a punch that sent the man going through the shack.

      Arrea wiped her cloths off of dust.

      Arrea- “He dares call us monsters? I’ll show him monster once I rip him apart from the inside out!”

      Dullahan- “It’s not over.”

      Arrea- “What do you-”

      The man, unharmed, got out from under the rubble.

      Arrea- “Impossible.”

      Man- “GIVE. ME. YOUR. LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!” 

      The man screams under the moonlit sky. Moonlit sky? Oh no…

      The man begins to transform in front of us. I instinctively put my hands over Kate’s eyes to protect her from the sight of his skin being peeled back to reveal a creature of myth.

      Werewolf- “ROARRRRRRRR!!!!!”

      A Werewolf!

      Dullahan pulls out his sword and Kirin comes to his side ready to battle.

      Arrea- “A-a Werewolf?”

      Dullahan- “Arrea!”

      Arrea- “R-right!”

      Arrea got ready for battle too.

      Arrea- “Hashi! Don’t let Kate get hurt or it’s your life he’ll get.”

      Hashi- “Right!”

      Kate- “Arrea, be careful!”

      Arrea- “This won’t be any different from the other times.”

      I pull back with Kate while the 4 began to fight.

      Arrea shots out a web from her behind but before it could reach the werewolf he disappeared.

      Arrea- “Where-”

      I felt my hair stand on end, I looked behind me to see the werewolf ready to end my short life.

      Kate- “Arrea!!”

      Before the blow came Kirin charged and pushed the werewolf outside but the werewolf caught the Kirin’s horn and threw him into the air.

      Dullahan- “Kirin! Arrea get him!”

      Arrea used webs to catch Kirin but it seems he’s now stuck in the trees.

      Dullahan rushed in and brought his sword down but the werewolf dodged.

      I took Kate and ran to Albeis.

      Hashi- “Albeis, we need your help!”

      Albeis- “I can not.”

      Hashi- “What?! Why?”

      Albeis- “I am to reserve my strength for the god of the island.”

      Hashi- “You mean you can’t help us before then?”

      Albeis- “Yes.”

      Hashi- “But Arrea and Dullahan might dead.”

      Albeis- “We all die eventually.”

      Hashi- “!”

      Kate- “Hashi?” (Looking worried)

      I grasp Kate's hand hard to let her know that I’ll protect her. I return my gaze to the fight and it seems Arrea and Dullahan are losing ground.

      Hashi- “Stop! You’re all mythics, this is not right.”

      Arrea- “Shut up Hashi, this is not the time.”

      There has to be a way for them not to kill each other.

      But there is none.

      I don’t want my heroes to die or fight each other.

      But they will.

      I-I don’t know what to do.


      Hashi- “No.”

      Kate- “Hashi?”

      Hashi- “Don’t Kill each other!”

      Werewolf- “!”

      Arrea- “Kate!!”

      The werewolf disappeared again and it’s at the same place, behind me and Kate.

      I shielded Kate with my body but the pain never came. I slowly turned around to see Arrea impaled.

      Kate- “ARREAAA!”

      Arrea- “Kate...”

      The werewolf ripped out his claw from Arrea’s gut. Arrea fell as the werewolf was about to finish her.

      Kate tried to escape my grasp but I stopped her from dying too.


      Just like that it was over. Our eyes shocked and relived in a way, Dullahan came from behind and stabbed the Werewolf with his great sword causing him to fall to his knees, lifeless. 

      I let go of Kate who ran up to Arrea who was barely hanging on.

      I could not hear what they were saying because I was too shaken by the sight blood and death. Is this what I have to look forward to, once great mythical beings killed in front on me. People I care for crying and possible friends dying.

      I guess it was no more than a child’s fairy-tail.

      Dullahan ran to free Kirin and after that was done he ran back to Arrea with Kirin. Kirin put his horn near Arrea’s wound and it began to glow causing the wound to slowly heal.  My hearing returned.

      Dullahan- “Let her rest Kate.”

      Kate- “Thank you Dullahan.” (Trying not to cry)

      Dullahan- (Looking up to Albeis) “So it’s true, you won’t fight until we get to the god of the island.”

      Albeis- “Yes.”

      Dullahan- “I don’t know how you can just let your own kind almost die in front of you like that.”

      Albeis- “You seem to have no problem with the werewolf.”

      Dullahan- “….”

      Dullahan- “Lets go find a place to rest.”

      I helped carry Arrea to Kirin so he could take her with more ease.  Everyone went back to the river but Dullahan, after I made sure Arrea and Kate were safe I went back to Dullahan.

      I came across Dullahan kneeling before a grave. I guess he buried the werewolf but why. I wanted to continue looking but I didn’t want to intrude so I went back to the camp.

      After awhile Dullahan came and went back to his usual spot with Kirin.

      We did not talk much that night. Kate kept her eyes on Arrea while everyone else just sleep normally. I just couldn’t sleep after what happened,  I went further from the fire and back to the cold ground I slept on before. 

      Hashi: “This is where I deserve to sleep.”

      If only I could have stopped them, maybe things would have been different. I shut my eyes and hope for a better morning. 
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