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An original poem, written in frustration.
There are so many things to say
But the words won't come
So what, I can't pray-

I've been taught to be silent
Just like a child
seen but not heard
Treated like I deserved
Well then I'm nothing!

See I was raised in a family
that was fake.
I pretended they were perfect
Even with my friends.
I had to agree.
I knew what was at stake.

With the doors wide open
I pretended to be happy.
Had at put everyone on a pedestal
Because I know, I know
Once those doors closed,
I didn't stand a chance.

Belts, boards, walls or floors
It didn't matter.
I try not to remember
the pain that scattered.
I wanted to die!
To them, that was titter tatter.

I love my relationship.
I should just let this be.
But he thinks he got two,
He really got three.

There's this person inside of me,
begging to come out.
With anger and rage that stays stout.

The sadness and tears are just as strong.
This person wants to come out,
to show you what she's really about.

But she stays true
to the lesson she was taught
Silence is key
Better left to thought

But Silence is dangerous,
Letting things happen
bad things.

But it's in my bones
flows through my veins.
Like the blood on my shirt
that I knew would leave a stain.
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