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Two bored sisters come up with their own songs to pass the time
Sally and her sister Susan were very, very bored
They had a room full of toys
They had movies and games
They had lots of cute dolls
With clothes, toys, and names
They had a Tea set with plates, saucers, and cups
They had 3 fuzzy kittens and 2 frisky pups
And they were bored with it all
So they decided to sing and rhyme
But they were tired of all the ones they knew
So they decided to make up one or two...

Silly Sally sang a super silly song
What super silly song did silly sally sing
Sing the super silly song that silly sally sang...

Susan chattered day and night
About everything and nothing
She simply couldn't stop
Unless she couldn't move her hands
And then she couldn't talk!

Their mother listened at the door
Until she couldn't listen anymore
Then swept away, quiet and unseen
To sip some tea, and cook and clean

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