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It's what happens when you mix peanut butter & jelly in a pie...
Mama Oaklyn was as popular as a baker as anyone else, but what she is most famous for is her pies, which are like no other pies that anybody has ever tasted in their lives. Mama Oaklyn had been on TV many times, especially talk shows and morning shows, to teach people how to make pies, although that she had left out her secret ingredient.
One day, Mama Oaklyn was visited by her daughter; She tells her that she had been engaged to her longtime high school sweetheart, and they plan to get married in three weeks. So, she asked Mama if they could just break the traditional wedding cake and to just make wedding pies instead. That turned out to be an incredible task for Mama Oaklyn, but as a baker, she could never turn down an offer, not even from her own daughter who is about to get married, so Mama agreed to make wedding pies for her.
The very next day, Mama Oaklyn began making out plans to make the pies for her daughter’s wedding. She decided to try something new and different-She decided to try making peanut butter and jelly pies! Hey, if that isn’t an incredibly fantastic idea, Mama thought, I don’t know what is!

So, Mama began making the pie crust; Then, she began to put creamy peanut butter and grape jelly on the table. She kneaded the pie crust into the pie pan, then added one side of peanut butter and one side of grape jelly, and then she mixed it up a little bit. Afterward, she cut up a leftover piece of the pie crust dough and kneaded it into a pie dough cover to cover it up, and then put it in the oven.
A while later, Mama Oaklyn peeked at the oven, and then noticed that both the peanut butter and the jelly have overboiled and that the remnants have melted onto the floor of the oven! Mama quickly turned the oven off, put on her oven mitts, and then she scraped the melted goo off and then cleaned the whole oven.
Two days later, Mama Oaklyn decided that maybe the time was not right yet to experiment with strange new pie flavors; She felt that maybe she should stick to what she does best-Make pies like no one else had tasted! And I think what they say it’s true that there are many people out there who are very famous for doing things that happen to be special to them, and which makes others feel special, too.
Today is the day of the wedding of Mama Oaklyn’s daughter. It wasn’t really an elaborate wedding-It was more of an informal affair. Mama’s little girl had finally grown up. She walked her down the aisle and then gave her away in marriage. She and her high school sweetheart exchange their own written vows as well as the rings, and then they are finally proclaimed husband and wife. Then they kiss…
The reception which happened directly after the wedding was as beautiful as anything. The newlyweds had their first dance, and then they both took a piece of one of Mama Oaklyn’s wedding pies, which happens to be a lemon pie! And yes, the newlyweds each took a bite at this lovey luscious pie, made by Mama Oaklyn with a very special secret ingredient. But to you and me, we can guess what that is. It’s love.
As a wedding gift, Mama Oaklyn passed the pie recipes on to her daughter, so that someday, when she has daughters of her very own, she can share that sweet love-and those sweet, luscious pies-to them.
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