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He's an immortal hunter who gets more than he bargained for with his current prey

*I'm trying a new story out that I am submitting on an online contest..this is the first two chapters so please let me know what you think and I will upload the next part*

The night air was unusually cold. No sounds could be heard anywhere, even the animals seemed to be in hiding. The wind whistled through the air like scary, shrill scream. Makenna came to the edge of the clearing breathing heavy; not sure as to where she was going, but she knew what she was hunting. The very thing that was somewhere, out there hunting her. She had been good at keeping herself invisible, up until now. How long had she been running? She wasn't sure but one thing was for sure, to survive meant she had to either hunt him and be the predator to her prey or stop running and become the prey. Makenna chose to keep running. Keep hunting until she found him. It wasn't his fault that he was her new prey. It was just destiny. All of his kind suffered the same fate. It was either kill or be killed. To her, the choice was simple. Find him. Kill him, then simply move on to her next target. She slowly took a deep breath, as someone began getting close behind her. Makenna rushed to hide behind the nearest tree, and quietly turned to see a man appear from the wood line. "Now haven't we played this game long enough? Come on out Makenna." The man said in a dangerously, playful, yet evil tone. She had to give him credit. Most of the past hunters would have given up on finding her by now. He was obviously different. It didn't matter, because sooner or later, she would get her chance to kill him. This wasn't her chance, she decided. As he began searching in all the wrong places, Makenna seized her chance and disappeared back into the darkness. She knew as soon as the wind picked up again, he would pick up her scent, and the chase would continue.

**Chapter 2**
He missed her again. How many times had he been in this spot, searching for her? Hunting her, and missing her? Bowdey had always found his target, and he always finished a job. Up until now. This time, for some reason, he was having a hard time keeping up with her. She was different than the others. Smarter and better at escaping right out of his reach. Ever since Bowdey could remember, they had been hunting each other; even when he was out hunting someone else, she was always there. Lurking just beyond the shadows. Bowdey's family had hunted "half breeds" for hundreds of generations. It was like a family business that every child in the family inherited and learned to do when they got old enough. For him, it had been something he didn't want to accept at first, but after his first hunt. His first half breed kill, he quickly grew into his new job. Now at the age of twenty-six, he was the best hunter in his family. The half breeds were known for being strong, and hard to kill. A mutation. Half human and half immortal. The "full immortal half breeds", which were made of two different types of immortal were the same in all the ways, except they were harder to kill. He had done his research on Makenna though. She was half vampire, half siren; but she was different than mot. Makenna just to look at her, she looked human, but as as soon as he began to hunt her , it was as if he was hunting a full blooded vampire. Her strength was unreal, and he couldn't help but to admit she was beautiful. Most half breeds were extremely beautiful. That just made them all the more dangerous. Bowdey stood still in the blackness of the clearing, letting the wind carry her scent all around him. None of his family could track half breeds like he could. He could pick up on a half breed's scent just like a tracking dog. It was unlike anything his family had ever seen. Just as the wind began to die down, he caught her scent. She was still close. He quickly headed into her direction when his phone rang. "Hello? Star I can't talk. She's still close. I have to go.." He hung up and moved faster. He made it about one hundred feet when his hone rang again. Without looking to see who it was, he yelled into it. Expecting it to be his sister, he was cut off by his mother. "Bowdey! I suggest you pay better attention. Now listen carefully. You're half breed is close, but there's another kind of darkness around her. Be extremely careful son." His mother explained. "Yes ma'am. I can sense she's close. I just can't see her yet. I'll call you soon." Bowdey hung up, just as her scent got stronger. He made his way to the edge of a cliff, which was really a waterfall about a hundred feet up. He looked around quickly, confused. "What the...?" He looked down below the cliff. Surely she hadn't taken a chance and jumped? Not like she couldn't have survived. Bowdey knew she would have been perfectly fine. He on the other hand, probably wouldn't have been so lucky. "Well well well. It looks as though the mighty hunter just became the prey." Bowdey turned to see a man standing a few feet behind him. "Well I can't say I a surprised to see you. What the hell do you want? I'm busy." Bowdey spit. "What's wrong "mighty hunter", you can't find you're target?" The man laughed evilly. Bowdey knew him. Vampire royalty, one of the first vampires, and was known for getting in the way of Bowdey and his targets. "I don't need you're help Valen. Stay out of my way; you're stench is blocking her scent." Bowdey moved to walk past Valen when something stopped him. A sound that sent a cold chill up his spine. "It looks like you have company...." Valen said almost in a whisper. They both stood deathly still. It seemed as though the air even stood still. From out of the darkness, appeared a pack of wolves. "Silver wolves." Valen said slowly. Bowdey took a half step backwards, then stopped. Silver wolves were a hybrid type of werewolf. Their own type of half breed. Half werewolf, half vampire. Full blooded werewolf's could still age and could be killed, but silver wolves never aged once they turned, and they couldn't be killed. They were the most dangerous type of immortal, and no hunter or other immortals for that matter, wanted any kind of trouble with them. Vampires especially, simply because they stood no chance against them. Now Bowdey and Valen found themselves surrounded.

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