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One hamburger that you won't believe
         Once again while I was taking the usual long drive on into work I heard another interesting story on a morning radio show. It was all about the ingredients on a hamburger, and this time I could hardly believe what my ears were hearing. Can you believe that somebody out there has gone to all of the trouble to make a hamburger with all 26 toppings for every single letter in the English alphabet. Well get ready for the ABC burger. You are probably already thinking to yourself, who would want to eat that sort of thing? However there's a market out there for everything and a burger with 26 different ingredients is no different than anything else in the world's market place.

         Now there are the regular run of the mill ingredients on the ABC burger that you would also find on a burger in just about any burger joint around town. Like bacon for the letter B, Lettuce for the letter L, Cheese for the letter C, and Jalapeno peppers for the letter J. However it's the letters like X, Y, and Z where things start getting really interesting with the toppings on this new age hamburger. Strange enough though there are some regular hamburger ingredients that everyone is use to seeing on a hamburger that are absent from the ABC Burger. Like Pickle for the letter P, Ketchup for the letter K, Mustard for the letter M, and Mayonnaise also for the letter M. I guess the inventor of the ABC Burger just simply wanted the ABC burger to be totally different from every other hamburger that out there on the lunch counters today. Now that's not only thinking out of the box, but that's thinking nowhere near the box at all in the first place.

         One things for sure about the ABC Burger is that with all of these different ingredients on an ABC Burger you better have some napkins within close reach, because this is really going to be some messy eating. Without anymore to do I'd like to introduce to you all of the 26 different ingredients on the world famous ABC Burger .

The ABC Burger With All 26 Outrageous Ingredients

Letter A - Avocado

Letter B - Bacon

Letter C - Cheese

Letter D - Doritos

Letter E - Egg

Letter F - Fish sticks

Letter G - Garlic bread

Letter H - Ham

Letter I - Italian sausage patty

Letter J - Jalapeno peppers

Letter K - Krispy Kreme doughnut (I could eat one of these delicious doughnuts even without the burger.)

Letter L - Lettuce

Letter M - Mac and cheese

Letter N - Noodles

Letter O - Onion rings

Letter P - Pepperoni

Letter Q - Queso dip

Letter R - Ramen noodles

Letter S - Spinach

Letter T - Turkey burger

Letter U - Usingers bratwurst (Which is actually the brand name of the Bratwurst, and it counts.)

Letter V - Veal Parmesan

Letter W - Waffle

Letter X - Xylocarp (Which is just another name for a coconut. This may be a stretch, but it works, and you could also use it for the word of the day.)

Letter Y - Yams

Letter Z - Zucchini

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