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Bio for Parker Huxley
Parker Huxley is the driver and Commander-in Chief of The Luna. She is the older sister of Juno, and acts as the de-facto leader of the group.

Parker was born on the 1st of July, 1844, in a brake van in Birmingham New Street yard, to parents George and Agatha Huxley. When she was 5, she discovered an abandoned baby on New Street station. She took the baby to her family, who decided to raise the child as their own. It was Parker who named the child Juno. Growing up in a working class railway family, Parker was born with a fascination for all things mechanical. Almost as soon as she could walk, she was on the footplate of locomotives with her father, because more workers means more income for the family. By 15, she was working on mainline goods trains as a stoker, and eventually graduated to driver at 18. After becoming a full driver, she moved out with Juno.

Parker is an emotionally cold woman. Due to working on the railways, she grew up in a traditionally working class environment, in which many men (Including her father) expressed very vocal contempt for the upper classes. These feelings of class division resonated strongly with Parker. This means she can sometimes be harsh and blunt, and very cynical. She often struggles to fully convey her feelings, which often creates rifts in the group, especially with Halley, owing to their radically different childhoods. Despite this, Parker has strong relationships with her friends, and she cares deeply about them, although she often struggles to show it

Parker is 21 years old, and has a relatively tall and athletic build. She has long, thick blonde hair that she often wears in a braid to keep it out of the way of the locomotive controls. Her common clothing consists of a short, maroon bomber jacket, an olive green tank top, olive jeans with brown suspenders, and heavy maroon boots. Her right shin is bandaged as a result of an altercation with an upper class gang member. As a result, she carries a knife around her left ankle and has a furious contempt for the upper class.

Parkers primary relationships are with her gang. She is closest to her adoptive sister Juno, as she spent the majority of her childhood with her. Although Junos naivety and clinginess often irritates her, Parker feels some sort of parental responsibility, although she rarely admits this. She spends a lot of time with Eris, as she is the Stoker of The Luna. Her excitable nature contrasts strongly with Parkers sardonic attitude, but does result in great banter and frequent teasing. She is least close to Halley, owing to her being the newcomer to the group, but also her vastly different upbringing. As Halley was born to the upper class, and Parker is from the lower, she was initially distrusting of her. Parkers blunt style of address often feels intimidating to Halley, resulting in awkward and tense situations. Parker is closer to her father, as she spent a lot of time under his tutelage on the railways, but she has always held a great deal of respect and admiration for her mother.

Parkers personal goals relate to her negative personality traits of cynicism and abrasiveness. Throughout the RedBoots Saga, her personal arc will revolve around her interactions with other characters, her attitudes towards them and opening up about her struggle. My Ideological goal with Parker surrounds the topic of Class Division. This character will be used to provide a commentary on class struggle and the challenges that surround it. This will be shown primarily through her upbringing, attitudes towards the upper class and her relationship with Halley.

EDITED: Elaborated on class division issues in Para.3

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