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Entry 1 of Rayla's diary
Entry 1: 27/7/464 – Rayla’s Diary

Ringlar – Species not researched, needs further investigation.

After a long day of trudging around the forest, I set my way back to my log, to write about, what was supposed to be, the first entry about the forsaken Inglods, I came back to see a green spikey humanoid creature. It had bright blue eyes sticking up held with antennae from its curved blob-like head. It stared at me, eating through my supplies with strikingly sharp, clawed hands. Its feet were long and had two spikes coming from the back and the front (sort of like crow’s feet.) I carefully approached the creature, its scaly back shivered and its spikes jutted upwards in a threatening position, and caught its eye. It nodded its eyes somehow and a whole group of them sprung out from trees, bearing spiky teeth from a long maw and with small, black nose sniffing the air around it. I backed away and took my bag from behind the seat, slowly reaching my hand in to bring out my dagger. They snarled at me, drool hanging from their viscous snout, as I pulled it out. I stepped forward and swung at them with the knife. They whimpered at me and ran off, into the woodland, including the one that was eating my resources.

Conclusion: The creatures are designed to scare off their prey so they can take what the prey had but are frightened at the slightest sign of danger.
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