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Rated: ASR · Fiction · Fantasy · #2210315
Entry 3 of Rayla's diary
Entry 3: 29/7/464 – Rayla’s Diary
Inglods – Not fully researched but we know a good amount about them
The forest was as dark and as moist as ever, with the incessant chirping of the birds keeping me constantly alert. I was stumbling around in the forest, the humid atmosphere not really helping with my navigation. I caught a glint of a shiny round coin cast around the belt of a large shaky, munha-like, silhouette. I was certain I was alone. My mind immediately started racing. My body shook as my eyes darted around, watching the figure circle around me behind the trees. I reached for my dagger that was tucked into its sheath on my belt. Suddenly, the figure leapt towards me, club in hand. I caught its lunge and I pushed it to the side, holding my dagger in full view and threateningly shaking it in front of me as I slowly stepped back.
It charged towards me for a second attack, bearing its weapon in front and swinging it towards my head. I dodged its muddy club and slashed a flesh cut into the creature’s arm. It fell back, panting and swaying gently, red drops of its blood falling from the cut.

I could now get a good view of the creature. It was well built, maybe slightly on the skinny side, and wore scarce clothing. Its skin was a deep green, like the classic orc’s of old tale, with large patches glaucous blue of all over it. It wore a large belt with semi-large tufts of fur, attached to it, covering its upper legs. It seemed infatuated with jewellery however. Its fingers covered in silver and gold plated rings, its neck had a basic amulet hanging from it. This creature's eyes locked on to my necklace, the only reminder of my family, hanging from my neck. It wanted to use my family crest as it's new price of grubby jewellery. I just couldn't allow it.

I had ample time to prepare as it attempted to swuig at me again, its movement seeming more vicious and sloppy. I caught its hand and twisted it to the side, pushing it behind his back and letting him fall to the floor. I examined his face, it was brutish with large, thick lips and small but pointy ears. His eyes were pure black with no way of knowing which way it was looking. It seemed to be somewhat old as it was covered in small wrinkles, with wispy grey hair and a saggy nose.
It yelled, almost screaming, the words coming out of its mouth were completely foreign to me and its voice deep with fury. It shouted and kicked its large legs out, narrowly missing my feet as I stepped to its side, keeping my grip firm. I held it to the ground and offered it some food while I loosened my grip to show that I wasn’t trying to kill it.

It took a while to let it calm down. It hadn’t lost a lot of blood from my cut but it was apparent that it still stung and was starting to bleed faster. I took some bandages and a rag out from my pocket and wiped up the wound, it hissed at me with words and phrases I couldn’t understand. I slowly wrapped the bandage around its arm, slowing down slightly for the moments when he jolted. After I held him down for a moment more, he seemed to calm down fully. I stood him up, slowly and carefully, tense and preparing for him to lash out at me.

But that moment never came. He just nodded at me and stepped away, turning around slowly and picking up his club. I poised myself defensively for the attack but he just kept on walking, slowly and limping slightly, holding his arm in what looked like shame.

Conclusion: They are brutish beast scavengers with a body shape that seem to be similar to us but need further research into interactions with us and other prey.
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