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A young girl gets a surprise after wishing her teddy bear could talk to her.
Eight year old Susan Johnson had owned her favourite teddy bear Bob for nearly five years and was always talking to him,wishing that he could reply.

One night,while Susan's mother Betty was tucking her into bed,the young girl noticed a star flying across the sky and asked her mother about,who explained that it was a shooting star and that if she made a wish,it just might come true.

After Betty kissed her good night before turning out the light and leaving,Susan,who had Bob in her arms said, "I wish you could talk," before drifting off to sleep.

The young girl then woke up and heard a unfamiliar voice say, "good morning,sleepy head," before looking at Bob, who was standing in front of her.
Confused,Susan replied, "Bob,did you just talk and are you standing?"
"Yep,I sure did," said the bear as he started walking over to his owner and hugged her.

After pinching herself and realising that she wasn't dreaming,the young girl said, "Come on,let's go tell mum," as she went down stairs with Bob following closely behind .

"Mum,mum,you're not going to believe it,but Bob can talk," said Susan,as she ran into the kitchen.
"That's great,honey," said Betty as Bob walked into the kitchen and said , "hi mum,what's for breakfast," as the young woman then rubbed her eyes in disbelief and struggled to keep her balance.

After going to sit down,Betty was then told by her daughter about the wish she had made,causing her to her daughter and say, "I guess I was right,why do you go and get for school?"

Susan then did so and decided to take Bob with her for show and tell,putting him in her school and asked him to stay quiet.

After arriving at school and saying good bye to her mum,the young girl decided to tell her best friend Maria,who at first didn't believe her until Bob said hello to her and did a little dance.

"This is unbelievable," said Maria, who promised not to tell anyone else.

After the two went into class,it was soon time for show and tell and the young girl removed Bob from her bag and showed him to everyone as some of the students laughed.

Susan then told everyone about Bob and her wish as the bear then said,"hi everyone,it's great to meet you all," before beginning to dance again as everyone accept Maria stared disbelief while the teacher Miss Penelope nearly fainted and had to sit down.

After recovering,the teacher replied, "it's nice to meet you too,Bob," before asking Susan to sit down as everyone claped and cheered as the young girl was by the end of the day, the most popular girl in school.
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