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Creating awareness of imperfection, to understand acceptance of each other.

Every Bird was created with two wings, call it: Eagle, Vulture, Bat, Pigeon, etc., to fly and move comfortably. These birds are creatures created with an embodiment of all that are needed to fulfil their existence. But they have two wings! For Balance and Control.
These creatures can be liken to Humans Creatures made by God, Male and Female, Man and Woman! The two wings in this Human Creatures: Man and Woman. The Balance and Control are in these Human Creatures, which make them inseparable, identifiable and unique in their functions.
But why are there Frictions, Conflict and Crisis in the Balance and Control of these two Wings- Man and Woman? IGNORANT AND THE BLAME GAME!
The Human Creature is in so much IGNORANT of their identity, individual and collective roles and as a result, the BLAME GAME. Where the Man blame the Woman for fault of character and vice versa.
For example, A Woman complain of how she has been heart-broken, maltreated not cared for by a Man, making her have dislike for Men.
A Man telling his own story of heart breaks, rejection by a Woman, using and dumping as many he can make victim of his rejection.
Many complains of Conflicts, Crisis, and Character defects, all these and more, still generates from Ignorant of understanding and the blame game.
So, the missing link here is: Every Human Creature- Man and Woman is IMPERFECT!
Therefore to achieve the progressive balance and control of Human creature- Man and Woman; Acceptance of the Imperfection, Identifying and Understanding roles of each other.
No Wing (Man and Woman) is free from faults. Every Wing is at fault at one time or the other. Acceptance and Understanding is what brings out the beauty of Human Creature in their quest for proper flight together.
Can a bird fly with one wing? Can it gain balance or control with one wing? Can comfort be achieve with one wing? What can a bird do with one wing?
Every Human Creature – Man and Woman must strive consciously for progressive balance and control in their quest for a healthy relationship.
These two Wings are Inseparable and Unique in their functions. Balance can be achieved but ACCEPTANCE is a Necessity: Acceptance of Imperfection, Acceptance of Roles, Acceptance for Sincere Communication, Acceptance of Mistakes with Willingness to make Adjustment, Acceptance with Knowledgeable Understanding!
Knock out Ignorant by Understanding your Partner!

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