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Bio for Juno Huxley
Juno Huxley is the Apprentice Engineer of The Luna and plays viola in the string quartet RedBoots. She is the adoptive sister of Parker, and is somewhat of a spiritual guide for the group.

Junos early life is unknown, but its estimated she was born around 1849, making her around 16 years old. She was abandoned in a basket on Birmingham New Street station when she was a few months old, and was found by Parker Huxley, who named her and brought her to her parents. They chose to raise Juno as their own child. As the younger child, her parents were more protective over her, and didn't let her go to work are early as Parker did. Instead, Juno spent most of the day at home with her mother, who worked as a seamstress. As a result, Juno developed a strong bond with her mother, which she then attached to Parker when they moved out.

Juno is a very joyous and optimistic girl who tries to look on the bright side of everything. However, this optimism often results in dangerous naivety. Additionally, her closeness to Parker means Juno lacks independence and often looks to her sister for help and a sense of identity.

Juno is around 16 years old, and has a short and petite build. She has orange-red hair that she usually wears in a braid, accompanied by a yellow flower. Her normal clothing consists of a white “Peter Pan collar” top, a baby blue poncho, brown handkerchief skirt, tall white socks and red canvas boots. She wears blue because her mother always sewed her blue blankets.

Juno is closest to Parker, who she sees as a mother figure since moving out. Juno looks towards her sister often for advice and guidance, but this dependability often becomes quite clingy and shows a lack of independence. Juno is also very close to Halley. She spends a large amount of time with her in the brake van, while Parker and Eris drive the train. Halley also teaches Juno about mechanics and engineering. Juno is less close to Eris. When Eris first met Parker, they spent a lot of time together, which made Juno feel left out and competing for her sisters attention. Their relationship has since improved, as they share a similar chaotic energy and sense of optimism.

Junos Personal Goals relate to the idea of her becoming more independent. She needs to learn to be more proactive and less reliant on Parker. Her arc will revolve around growing up and the transition from childhood to adulthood. My Ideological Goal with her relate to the themes of Identity. This character will be used to explore ideas about existentialism, Selfhood and Individuality. This will be shown through Junos interactions with Parker and her discovery that she is not her biological sister, which creates a personal dilemma.

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