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a friend struggled with severe migranes for years. Now she is pain free. For Cheyenne.
The pain is real when I sleep and when I awaken
Here in the lonely cell my brain has become.
Everlasting misery my constant companion.

Can you feel the burn of colors flashing before me?
Haloes and explosions of flame score deeper and deeper,
Every flick of a light switch could burn my brain.
Your bright winter day, my tormented shards of glass;
Every ray of sun a potential enemy and assailant.
No surcease of the sorrow that is a constant migraine.
Neither am I sand waiting waves or waves seeking sand.
Eyes as window to my soul and trigger to anguish.

Perhaps I let pain control me too often
And I let it destroy the bright flash I could have been.
I am mighty and fearfully made even on my worst days,
Now it is time to rise again, my own sunbeam,
Taking the chance to once again dance in the rain,
In a rhythm that denies my head ever pounded and cried.
No one who sees me today remembers the darkness of yesterday.
Gone are the things taken from me, but replaced with the new me.

The pain is no more. When I sleep and when I awaken,
Healthy is the beautiful creature my brain has become.
Eyes as window to my soul and bright with promise.
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