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My cousin and I went on an adventure and she wanted me to document our findings
Ever since I was young, I've loved old buildings and cemeteries. They have such an air of mystery in their beauty. By the time I was 13, I was regularly photographing cemeteries and old buildings. They brought me so much joy. The exhilaration of the adventure, the mystery, the curiosity, and the history.
Shortly after my 21st birthday, my cousin and I went to a local location, to photograph the buildings. I'd been here several times before, due to growing up in the area, but it seemed to always be changing, as the buildings got older. We both love adventures, and photography, which made it the perfect outing.
We were having a great time, and even found some "creepy" graffiti, which gave us a good old laugh, due to someone thinking it was actually scary. Better luck next time buddy. We continued talking and enjoying the rare time we got to spend together.
Things were normal, until we went up the steep hill to the first buildings we wanted to visit. There was on building in particular we were headed towards, that I had spotted on one of my previous ventures, and reminded me of a house that a serial killer would reside in. I was alone at that time, and as I've learned during my time of exploration, you never go anywhere that you can't guarantee is safe by yourself.
We walked back the path and pushed past the abundance of overgrowth. The house was a two-story, white house with a grey roof. It had a small covered porch, that you had to push through thorns to get to. You could see in the basement from the outside, due to the door that led from the basement to outside being completely busted away. While this was an option for entry, we thought it would be best to endure a little pain, as well as spiderwebs, to get into the house.
Once inside, we carefully made our way around the house, stepping over glass and broken floorboards. You could see the original wallpaper and curtains still. I was in the kitchen, which also included the steps to get to the basement. I carefully looked around the corner, out of fear that there may be a squatter or animal that wouldn't be too happy to see me. Thankfully, all there was, was a shattered toilet, that looks like it had been down there for a few years.
I laughed at myself, getting scared by a stupid toilet. I moved back from the stairs, and went to find my cousin, who had gone into the other room. She was looking around, in what we assumed to be the living room. We explored a bit more, then my cousin made her way upstairs. The stairs were kind of half wrapped. Think like how a flight of stairs is in a hotel. They were wooden, with carpeting on top, but were too dirty to tell the true color. The banister was made from black metal, that was welded and shaped into beautiful curves. I decided to stay downstairs, at the bottom of the steps, to watch my cousin. I didn't trust stairs in old houses most of the time. All that was upstairs was two empty bedrooms, covered in graffiti, according to my cousin.
We decided we had seen everything this house had to offer, other than the basement, so we started back down the hill to explore the next building. It wasn't too far down the hill, just off to the left, maybe 300 yards. This one was a bit more tricky to get into. This one, by far, was the building that disturbed us the most. Let me explain. To get inside, we had to shove the rotting door open, through large bushes and brush. It hardly moved, and my fat butt had to suck it in to get through the small crack we created. Once inside, we could tell it must have been where they held meetings or classes. There was another room off that one, which broke into the main part of the building. There was a bathroom, two empty rooms that looked like they had been either used for smaller meeting rooms, or possibly bedrooms, judging from their size. There was also a staircase that led into the basement, but the stairs were so rotted and twisted, that we didn't even try to get into the basement.
So far so good, right? Sounds like a normal abandoned building. This is where it gets disturbing. My cousin and I automatically think of the worst possible thing, so we could be completely wrong in what we thought. Maybe it was just squatters that had previous lived there, or maybe some drunk teens acting like total losers. Who knows. All we had to go on was that there were a ton of toddler sized diapers, some seeming fairly fresh judging from the smell, as well as men sized underwear. I'm guessing you can think of what was running through our heads.
Instantly we both felt extremely sick and dashed out into the room where we first entered. We both stood there, processing what we had just stumbled upon, and that's when I saw the right wall. There was a large rusty brown spot, about two feet off the wall, with runs of the same color coming down off it. This just made us all the more paranoid about this building. I went over and got as close as I dared to try and see if it had a scent. Gross, I know, but I had to find out. It must have been there for such a long time, that there was no scent, and I wasn't about to touch it without gloves. We both thought it was possibly blood, due to the color, but we couldn't be sure. Needless to say, we bolted out of there.
We debated if we should go into any more of the buildings, due to what we had speculated that happened in the last building. We decided to push through with it, although I'd later regret it. We continued onto the next building, which was basically right across from the one we had just been in. To get in, my cousin climbed through the broken glass door, thinking it was the only way through the door. However, I simply opened the door. I was amused, she wasn't. This one was pretty basic, with your rotten floors and stairs, graffiti, occasional condom, beer bottles, etc. Upstairs was a huge open room, with nothing but graffiti covering, and mouse poop on the floor. It smelled horrible, so we got out of that room pretty quick.
Back downstairs, we discovered a gaping hole in the floor, right by one of the doors, that we had somehow completely overlooked. There was no safe way to get down to it from inside the building, so we went back outside (opening the door like sane people this time) and walked down to the lower level. There were two doors, one that was locked, and the other was simply missing entirely. After hesitating if we should go in, I led the way.
It was a complete mess inside. Shards of glass, wood, plastic, anything. It smelled terrible, and there was barely any light. Thank God for flashlights on phones, or I would have had a rather disgusting run-in. As my cousin and I were carefully looking around, she stopped and told me to do the same. Confused, I began to look around for what she saw. I thought maybe it was a snake or mouse, something along those lines. Nope, nothing close. My foot was mere centimeters away from stepping on a clean-cut, severed deer leg.
Without thinking, I jumped back, nearly landing on my butt. Once I recovered from my near fall, I took a closer look, even taking a few pictures of the find. I'd never seen something like this before, and was curious as to how it had gotten there. A clean cut. There is no way an animal did this. It was too precise, no tearing of the flesh, nothing. But other than the small pool of dried blood, there was no other sign that any other part of the animal had been there.
There was a wall that split the part of the room we were in, from the other half of the room. Curious if it held any answers to why the deer leg was here, I started to walk around it, but I got an uneasy feeling, so we left. The location we were at, was more in a remote location, so we thought maybe the leg had come from some ritual or something, but we soon pushed it out of our heads as we moved onto the next building.
Now in this building, it looked more up to date and not as rubbish as the others we had been in so far. Sure, it still had broken pieces of floor and everything, but all in all, it wasn't too bad. The stairs that led upstairs were right by the front door. if you went to the left of the stairs, you entered the kitchen, which connected to a small hallway, which connected to the living room, which connected into the hall where we entered. It was actually a really cute set up, and we enjoyed looking around and getting our pictures. We were surprised that we didn't find anything weird in this place, given our track record. We spoke to soon.
I started up the stairs, to explore what was up there. I was about three steps from the top of the staircase. That's when I stopped. Breathing? I listened closely. No doubt, there was breathing coming from the room closest to the top of the stairs. It was so soft, almost like how one breathes while sleeping. I remember backing the whole way down the stairs, my eyes never leaving that doorway. When my cousin asked what was wrong, I told her what I heard. Quickly and quietly, we walked out of the building. Thankfully the door was so close to the bottom of the stairs.
We both were getting kinda freaked out with everything that had happened. I'd been there several times before and never ran into anything like this. There were two more buildings we wanted to visit, and we prayed they'd be normal.
We continued on our way to the next building, which was two stories, with a basement. We first tried going into the basement, but it was far too dark and there was water everywhere, likely from the storm we had the previous day. The first floor was a big empty room, with two wooden support pillars. There wasn't much in here, except an old fire extinguisher. So we made our way up the narrow staircase to the upper level. There was a little balcony that the stairs led onto, and then a door to enter the top level. We entered and were met with the sight of bird feathers everywhere.
We were weirded out, but it wasn't toddler diapers and men's underwear weird. We just chalked it up to being the place where the known resident cat brought his meals. There were two sets of three conjoined windows on each side of the large empty room. Under the windows, were large window chests. Basically they were like window seats, but they opened up. Obviously, I dared my cousin to open them. It took a lot (and I mean A LOT) of prodding, but finally she did it. One was locked, and the other was completely empty. Personally, this surprised me, especially with all the weird we had endured already. The only other "creepy" thing in the room was some graffiti and a couple bird skulls, but being skull obsessed, I found this rather interesting, and kinda wanted to take one home with me, but again, didn't have gloves.
We looked around a little more, and once we got bored, went to our final destination. The final building was the old memorial library. The library was two stories high, with a classroom, bathroom, and basement on the lower floor. The door for the basement was locked, and there wasn't any other safe way to get in. There was broken glass all of the floor by the doors and windows, due to most of them being broken out. There wasn't a lot on the first floor, other than dick jokes written on the whiteboard that had been torn off the wall, old safety posters, library care posters, and question sheets. There were very few glass bottles and other containers you would usually find, at least, until you went upstairs.
Upstairs was littered with broken bottles and glass from the windows, as well as torn sheets of paper. What scared me the most, was the circle of candles that had obviously been recently lit. Just small tea lights, but placed in a perfect circle. Not very large, but nevertheless, extremely unsettling. We carefully looked around a bit longer and as we were going to leave, heard a loud POP! Both of us nearly peed ourselves, but thankfully I had caused the pop when I stepped on a piece of glass. We had a good laugh about it, all the while our hearts racing a million miles and hour.
Shortly after that, we left the building and went on our way to get some lunch at a local Chinese place, talking about our adventure the whole time, and how it creeped us out so much. It was a great adventure, but the creeps weren't over yet.
About two weeks ago, from when I'm writing this, nearly three months after we went on our little adventure, I finally took the time to look through my pictures I had taken. As I started to look through them, I noticed something odd in a couple of them. In the pictures I took of the building where we found the deer leg, I found what looked to be a face. I also found what looked to be a face in one of the pictures from the house with the diapers. There was nobody else with us, and nobody in the area. I sent the pictures to my cousin and we both freaked out a bit.
To this day, I've only been back once. I refuse to go into the building where we found the deer leg, due to it giving me weird vibes now, everytime I get close to it, and I haven't been back in any of the other buildings yet. I don't know for certainty about anything we saw. I don't know what the history behind it was, or why it was there. All I know is, I'd never felt as sick as I did that day, due to everything we saw, and I've never felt like that before. I felt disgusting, and sick, and I never want to feel like that again.
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